Marine Dad Shares Hilarious Video Of Toddler Shouting The F-Bomb Over And Over

by Mike Julianelle
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The former Marine is doing some “soul-searching” thanks to his son’s f-bomb dropping

After a video of James LaPorta’s 2-year-old son repeatedly saying the F-word as his dad helplessly stares at the camera went viral, the former Marine is reconsidering his own vocabulary.

Meanwhile, parents everywhere are commiserating with the embarrassed dad.

James LaPorta is a former Marine who served two tours in Afhghanistsan and now he’s famous because one of his bad habits has been picked up by his toddler. Warning: f-bombs will be flying, and it’s absolutely hilarious.

The video is thirty seconds of James looking at the camera as a little voice in the background repeatedly, and with increasing intensity, says the word “fuck!” On one level, hearing a child who doesn’t understand what he’s saying drop f-bombs is amusing, especially when it’s not your child. When it is your child? It’s a different story. One that James isn’t exactly enjoying.

Alongside the video, James tweeted, “As a former U.S. Marine, now a father, there is perhaps one word I should try to cut out of my vernacular around my soon to be 2-year-old.” Easier said than done, especially for a former soldier who’s surely had plenty of opportunity to curse during the two tours he served in Afghanistan.

James is now home, working as a journalist for The Daily Beast and The Washington Post, and experiencing a bout of viral fame from the video. He’s been fielding responses from parents who can relate.

Some offered tips.

Some expressed solidarity.

A few just shared some laughs.

James appreciated all the responses, and in a a follow-up tweet, he expressed appreciation for the positive response he’s received, and explained that laughter is a tension-breaker – for soldiers and parents.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised as to how many other parents have experienced the same thing within their families…we all sometimes take life too serious and laughter is the best medicine.”

In the grand scheme of parenting “mistakes,” cursing in from of your kids is pretty low on the totem pole. (Cursing at your kids is a different story.) It’s nice to see the parenting community rally around James rather than unleash judgment at him.

“The reactions have been extremely positive,” the former soldier-turned-journalist told Scary Mommy. “I’m glad I’m not the only one who goes through this.”

When it comes to parenting, no matter where you live, how many kids you have, or how old they are, we’re all pretty much fucked. Amiright?

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