New Mom Posts Pics Of Jarred Baby Food, Sanctimommy Wrath Ensues

by Valerie Williams
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Jana Kramer hits back at mom shamers who think she should make her own baby food

Country singer Jana Kramer took to Instagram this week to share an image of her daughter’s baby food that should’ve received absolutely no controversy whatsoever. But of course, this is the internet. And as usual, the sanctimommy brigade had plenty to say. Thankfully, Kramer came back with the perfect response to all the nonsense.

Kramer’s initial photo and accompanying caption depict an impressive variety of jarred baby food for her 4-month-old daughter, Jolie.

The caption reads, “And it begins,” referring to her baby’s first foray into solid foods. Adorable, right? An excited mom purchasing her first jars of food to feed her child. No reason for anyone’s panties to get in a twist.

Except it apparently is. Those panties are extremely twisted.

The comments are a sanctimonious hellscape and it’s awful that this poor woman thought she was just posting a relatable picture of her baby’s jarred food haul but instead, got schooled by a bunch of bored, holier-than-thou assholes with nothing better to do. Except churn out perfect, organic, purees to feed their special snowflake. Naturally.

“Make your own,” says one judgy person, “It’s cheaper and way healthier. ;)” Sure. Wink wink. Your shaming is far more palatable when accompanied by a winky face.

“She’s only 4 months. Not 6 months,” quotes a medical professional…or more likely, not.

“Those are great for on the go but making your own is super easy, good luck such a fun stage they discover taste buds,” says one totally ridiculous mom. Oh sure, it’s super easy. Just find time to wash, peel, cut, blend, portion and freeze it! Oh, and then thaw it when it’s time to eat. And clean up all the resulting mess. Takes no time at all, ladies. Come on, you don’t need a single minute to yourself in a day, right?

“So easy to make your own! Steam and purée pretty much any fruit or veggie. Great way to avoid pesky preservatives!” Except you’re totally wrong, uninformed Instagram commenter. Most jarred baby foods only contain actual food and no preservatives. Try again, sanctimommy.

“My son’s pediatrician wouldn’t let him start on baby food until 6 months. Lucky your girl can start so early.” Check out that sneaky, passive-aggressive garbage. Oh, must be nice knowing everything and only doing the right thing for your kids. Please shut up and find a hobby.

Luckily, Kramer responded to these horrible people with a great mic drop.

Sure, you could argue that this mom and anyone else who chronicles their lives on social media should expect comments of all stripes. After all, you’re putting yourself out there and we all understand that it’s the internet and everyone is entitled to say as they wish.

That said, there is so much worthless mom shaming going on when it comes to topics like this. It’s not a contest. A fed kid is the goal and if you want to make your own baby food, by all means. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with jarred baby food. Which shouldn’t even need to be said, but apparently, needs to be said.

Kudos to Kramer for standing up for herself. Not that she should’ve had to in the first place.

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