Jana Kramer Shares Teary Selfie In Honest Post About Motherhood

by Gina Vaynshteyn
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Jana Kramer Shares Teary Selfie In Honest Post About Motherhood
Jana Kramer/Instagram

Actress Jana Kramer recently posted a candid selfie, expressing her exhaustion as her 1-year-old goes through sleep regression, and asking other moms for support

On Sunday, July 12, One Tree Hill actress and musician Jana Kramer uploaded an emotional Instagram post asking other moms for tips. Kramer, who has a 1-year-old (Jace) and 4-year-old (Jolie) with husband Mike Caussin, got super candid with her followers, expressing her exhaustion with a tearful selfie.

In her caption, she wrote, “This is motherhood. Exhausted, heart strings breaking and crying in a dark room just wanting their baby to fall asleep because you’re exhausted too.”

Kramer then explained her youngest has been going through sleep regression, which is completely normal for little ones at the 18-21-month mark. According to Healthline, 18-month sleep regression is due to brain and physical development. Babies learn so much and grow so fast, that it’s possible all that growing is making it harder for them to sleep through the night — and growth hormones may also be the culprit. Additionally, when babies are teething, they experience pain and discomfort, which could lead to sleepless nights. Healthline reports that some babies can also develop separation anxiety, which might make them even more upset when they wake up in the middle of night and find themselves alone.

“I have never heard these kinds of screams from Jace and it’s literally BREAKING my heart. Apparently it’s the 18-21 sleep regression. (I had his ears checked and all are good now). His molars all 4 are coming in. And he throws his lovey and wubs out of the crib. I used to go back in to give him but then it became this game. I’ve been told not to go back in to give it to him but hearing him so upset, well has me like this,” Kramer continued in her post, asking other parents for tips. “…Please please mommas tell me it’ll be better soon?! And any tips?!? Also I only share this because I need the mom support,” she wrote.

Per Healthline, 18-month regression is completely temporary, and usually only lasts two to six weeks. Of course, every baby is different, and there’s no official parenting playbook.

The outpouring of advice and support Kramer has received is beautiful — and shows all parents that we’re not alone in this. Influencer Janene Crossley wrote, “Big hugs mama! You’re doing all the right things… I’m just so sorry you’re hurting. I’m with you.”

Carissa Culiner, host of E! Daily Pop sympathized, saying, “Been there. It’s so hard to know what the Right thing to do is sometimes. Part of you wants to stay the course of what you said you were going to do, and then the other part of you feels like maybe that’s not working and maybe this has been the wrong method for your child the whole time… And all that confusion ends up causing tears like this. I don’t know what’s the right answer is for Jace, just want to tell you I’ve been there, felt what you’re feeling and you are a fantastic mother no matter what you choose to do. Wish I could give you a big hug!!”

As we scroll through hundreds of picture-perfect, shiny and happy photos of families on Instagram, it can be hard to remember that parenting can be messy, emotional, and isolating.

It’s refreshing to see celebs like Kramer be so vulnerable and share that family life isn’t always all smiles, all the time — and that it’s okay to ask for help.

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