Jenna Dewan Let Her Daughter Do Her Makeup And Shared The Epic Results On Instagram

by Meredith Bland
Image via VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

Tatum’s four-year-old has a unique vision of beauty

Many moms have enjoyed the smeary, colorful results of having their small children apply makeup for them. Few, however, have come away with the kind of look that Jenna Dewan Tatum did when her four-year-old daughter, Evie, showed off her skills this weekend.

This is the future of beauty, folks.

“Evie just might take over the beauty industry one day,” wrote Dewan Tatum on Instagram. “Her finest work, I dare say.”

We haven’t seen Evie’s previous work, of course, but if it’s anything like this current masterpiece then we would like to hire her for all our upcoming events: the first day of school, parent-teacher conferences, and Christmas at the in-laws, for example.

Evie worked off a lavender theme, using the color on her mom’s eyes, lips, and forehead. She then complimented the shade with a wavy streak of blue, which serves as the bottom half of a circle surrounding an elegant smudge of black in the center of Dewan Tatum’s forehead.

From there, Evie showed off her bold, fresh approach to makeup with a line of brown dots down the bridge of her mother’s nose. Most daring of all, however, are the streaks of brown that appear to be coming from Dewan Tatum’s nostrils and extend down to her upper lip. It’s a dirty, raw look that says, “…What?”

Evie then brightened things up with a large dab of white under the right eye, a small dab under the left eye, and two large globs that hang off the right side of the face in a disturbing but decidedly fashion-forward way.

For a pop of color, Evie added two green circles on her mom’s cheeks and a splash of red to highlight the tip of her nose. (This combination of red and green will for sure be our “Christmas party” look.) And, of course, it’s all finished off with a hint of sparkle, layered mostly on the right eyebrow.

But the genius that is Evie Dewan Tatum is that just when you think she couldn’t possibly add any more to a look, she finds a way: hence, the blue and red tracheotomy necklace that decorates her mother’s neck. We’d say, “we’ll take two,” but when it comes to tracheotomy necklaces, unfortunately, there is only room for one.

Dewan Tatum reminds us of the fun of letting go of our worries about neatness, order, and “the right way” to do stuff and just letting our kids get us messy. It’s important (especially when it comes to mothers and daughters) to show our kids that we’re relaxed about our appearance, that we don’t always have to look a certain way, and that makeup isn’t all that serious. Also, it makes for some amazing photos.

Magnificent job, Evie. The kids start school tomorrow, so we’ll see you at 5 a.m. Bring your sparkles.

(h/t Huffington Post)