Jenna Dewan TikToks To Justin Bieber Song 6 Weeks After Giving Birth

by Madison Vanderberg
Jenna Dewan TikToks To Justin Timberlake Song 6 Weeks After Giving Birth
Jenna Dewan/Instagram

Jenna Dewan slays a trending dance challenge on TikTok six weeks after giving birth to son Callum

Jenna Dewan gave birth to a healthy baby boy just over six weeks ago and to celebrate postpartum life, the new mom joined TikTok and danced her ass off to Justin Bieber’s “Intentions.” The dance was impressive on its own, but then keep in mind she birthed a literal baby last month, and the only correct response to this video is a single: YASSSSSSSS.

“Okay okay okay…I’m here @tiktok! Challenge accepted,” Dewan wrote on Instagram, where she crossposted the video.

Using the TikTok filter that makes it look like you have your own backup dancers, the professional dancer honestly looked like she could join Bieber on tour in a minute. Also, this bears repeating. She. Is. Six. Weeks. Postpartum. What a legend.


For reference, this is the dance that Jenna Dewan recreated, which is currently going viral on TikTok and if I’m understanding TikTok correctly (sorry, I’m an adult who doesn’t use TikTok), recreating trending dances is a TikTok “thing.” Anyway, it’s called the #IntentionChallenge and was created by Justin Bieber’s actual choreographers, as seen below.


I’m not saying these gentlemen didn’t do a great job, but like — Jenna slayed that shit. Shoutout to a swaggy mommy. Her famous pal Kate Hudson slid into the comments to write what we were all thinking, which was, “Wait…what?! U had a baby five seconds ago!”

Dewan didn’t have a baby “five seconds ago,” but she did welcome son Callum Michael Rebel Kazee with fiance Steve Kazee on March 6, 2020. Callum joins big sister Everly, who Dewan shares with ex-husband Channing Tatum.

So far, Dewan seems to be enjoying nesting at home with her new babe and is making the best of postpartum life in spite of the global health emergency.


Once upon a time, TikTok was for the “youths,” but in quarantine, anything goes. On behalf of adults everywhere, Jenna Dewan is the best thing on TikTok, sorry not sorry. More dance videos please!