Jennifer Garner Dressing Her Dog As Characters In Her Movies Is Peak Pandemic Content

by Leah Groth
jennifer garner dog

Jennifer Garner shared a video montage of her Golden Retriever, Birdie, wearing costumes inspired by her movies and television shows

Several months into the pandemic, most of us have already rearranged our sock drawers several times, organized our spice drawers, binge-watched all of our favorite television shows for the third time, and have succumbed to dressing up our pets in ridiculous (but adorable) costume. Okay, so maybe most of us aren’t at that point yet, but apparently Jennifer Gardner is. On Friday, the actress, mom, and all-around inspiring woman shared a video montage showing off her latest pandemic pastime: dressing her Golden Retriever, Birdie, up in outfits inspired by the movies and television shows she has starred in.

The video, inspired by a viral TikTok trend and shared to Garner’s Instagram, is even cuter than it sounds. It starts with her furry pooch chillin’ on her tile floor as “What I’d wear if I were in…” flashes across the screen while the Curtis Waters song “Stunnin'” plays in the background. Then…BOOM. Birdie is wearing a red wig and black shirt, a la Gardner’s Alias character, Sydney Bristow.

Next up? The Tribes of Palos Verdes (a plaid shirt), Dallas Buyers Club (Doctor’s scrubs and coat), 13 Going on 30 (a colorful dress that looks just like the one Jenna Rink wore during the totally epic dance scene), and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, with Birdie dressed up as, well…a ghost.

Garner’s celebrity pals majorly praised her for the epic entertainment she provided, also noting that her dog is basically the most obedient pooch on the planet.

“Your dog is, like, the best-behaved dog I’ve ever seen,” wrote Kimberly Williams Paisley. Jennifer agreed, responding: “She is, actually, a very very good girl.”

“I love you. Seriously. So good,” Selma Blair added.


Garner’s dog has become one of the most popular celeb pets on social media, and the actress regularly graces us with adorable photos and videos.


In addition to cute animal pics, Garner — who has proved over-and-over to be the most “celebs…they are just like us” star in Hollywood — has been one of our go-to social media accounts for entertainment during the pandemic. In May she totally nailed the reality of pandemic with a super hilarious video depicting herself doing lots of laundry, drinking even more wine, and being overall, super bored.

We SO appreciate you, Jennifer Garner. Keep the entertainment coming!