Jennifer Garner Shows Us The Relatable Random Junk In Her Car

by Valerie Williams
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Image via Instagram/Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner knows how it is to have a car full of kid garbage

Another day, another reason to beg the always delightful Jennifer Garner to be my mom BFF. She’s not only hilarious and adorable on Instagram, she’s also very honest about parenting — and all the literal junk that comes with it.

Go inside any MomMobile and one thing holds true — it’s a mess. And if it’s not a mess, you intimidate me and I may take a while trusting you but after that, you’re totally teaching me how to keep my car from being a dumpster on wheels.

Garner is just like me/us in that her car is typically full of crap, and sometimes, she even tries to bring it all inside. She shared this amazing photo that’s pretty much me every time I come home from anywhere (yet somehow, my car is still a dump).

Random papers? Check. Iced coffee? Check. Some kind of shake or milk left behind by a kid? Check. Baseball cap, books, planner that probably has nothing actually written in it? Check times three. She captioned the photo, “Every single time I get out of the car. How? Why? #notstaged #notaproblem #ivegotit #iknowyoufeelme”

Holy shit, do I ever. My husband breezes into the house with both hands empty whenever he comes home but I’m always a mess, using the one finger I’ve purposely kept free to pull the screen door open, which I then hold with my butt as I push my way into the house, arms full of random garbage. It’s a glam life, I tell ya.

Also, I told you her planner was also probably blank. And useless and full of kid scribblings.

Even though I (try) to uphold a “no food” rule in my car, it still manages to be a catch-all for a number of worthless items and actual important stuff. If you looked in it now, I can promise there would be around 14 empty or half-empty water bottles, my daughter’s softball equipment, my son’s library books, a few Shopkins, parking slips from going to the beach, dog leashes and bowls, and paperwork from who-knows-what. And yet, I still walk in my front door looking exactly like Garner in her Insta pic at least once a day.

It’s not just her car — Garner also once let us in on the contents of her “mom purse”, so knowing her car is a disaster too makes me feel a lot better about my life.

Are there special Pinterest-y organizational hacks us moms could use in our vehicles that would help cut back on clutter? For sure. Do any of us have time for that shit? Absolutely not. So we shall continue hauling armloads of nonsense from the car every time we arrive home. At least we now know that even Jennifer Garner is grumbling to herself and dropping stuff right along with us.

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