Jennifer Garner Responds To Troll Who Calls Her A 'Movie Star Who Makes No Movies'

by Julie Scagell
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Jennifer Garner responded to an Instagram troll in the best, most succinct way possible

Jennifer Garner is one of those celebrities you could definitely see yourself being friends with. She’s hilarious and talented with just enough self-deprecation thrown in so you know she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s also a single mom to three kids, ages 7 to 14, so you can imagine how busy she is juggling work and life. She made sure to remind one of her Instagram followers of this when they commented on one of her posts with a rude comment.

Garner shared a funny video of herself working behind the scenes with one local production of The Nutcracker. The self-described “No. 1 fan” of the production showed herself helping the cast with everything from makeup and hair to massaging and toe placements, all in an effort to insert herself as much as possible into her fav show.

“For an instant jolt of (insert various Christmas emojis) — there is still time to hunt down your local Nutcracker! (Hey Southern California—@abtofficial has 7 shows left at the @segerstromarts),” she wrote, hashtagging the post, “#repostingmyself #numberonefan#TutuTuesday.” It would be impossible to find fault with this video, but then again, this is the internet and there’s at least one Grinch in every comment section.

“What do you call a movie star who makes no movies?” the commenter posted. Garner then put the person in their place in the most polite, most Jennifer Garner way possible, replying “A mom!”

Jennifer Garner/Instagram

The 47-year-old has been co-parenting her three kids with Ben Affleck since their divorce in 2018. And despite the Debby Downer’s comment, Garner actually is working on a new Netflix comedy, Yes Day, which is based off the eponymous children’s book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

Earlier this year, Garner opened up to Katie Couric about juggling motherhood and career, saying, “It used to be [just] what you can get, first,” Garner said of her days as a young actress. “You’re just so grateful to have a job and leave the restaurant. And then it’s what job would fit in the hiatus of Alias and be just something different from what I was doing nine months a year. And then it became about how to surprise myself. I’m always driven by writing, so I do quirkier movies more than big, bold ones.”


She continued: “Then it became about my kids’ schedule, and being pregnant, and nursing and where my husband was working and how to fit it all in. And now it’s whether they can shoot in L.A. while my kids are in school.”

Garner’s been evolving as a woman, actress, and mom — as she should be. Her priorities change and she, like every other mom, needs to make sacrifices and adjustments for them. Kudos for her for reminding the world it’s not as easy as we often make it look.

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