Jennifer Garner Loses Her Car In A Parking Lot And Somehow Makes It Hilarious

by Leah Groth
Jennifer Garner/Instagram

Jennifer Garner is just like us — she loses her car in a (one level!) parking garage

When it comes to celebrities, Jennifer Garner is about as relatable they come! Whether she is rocking her bathrobe at the bus stop because she can’t get dressed in time to send the kids off to school or showing off the randomness that lives inside of her mom purse, the divorced mother-of-three is just a regular old mom — only rich and famous. In her latest installment of, “I am the most normal celebrity in the world,” Garner reveals that just like us, she can totally lose her car in a one-level parking garage.

Garner shared a hilarious video on Instagram this week, taking us through her afternoon of adventurous hell, that the best of us have experienced once, twice — let’s get real — dozens of times. “I would like to tell you this was an isolated incident, but….😬🤥👵🏼,” she captioned it.

Clutching onto a Build-a-Bear, with the voices of her children in the background, the actress reveals that they have been “walking for ten minutes.” While she doesn’t immediately reveal what is going on, the scene is all too familiar. You know, looking for that specific letter where you think you parked, while pressing every single button on your remote key fob, praying that an alarm will sound… but it never does?

“You know what’s happening, we are out of batteries,” she says, before starting to call for her car in Spanish. “I should be on CSI Miami,” she jokes, making light of the fact that she can’t solve the mystery of where her car is.

The next scene features Garner being driven around the parking garage by some anonymous person, trying to retrace her steps. Again, raise your hand if you have been there. After about 25 minutes of unsuccessful searching for her car on a one-level parking garage, she admits she is “sweating.”

And then that moment comes, where she finally sees her car. However, it was totally not where she remembered parking it — in fact, it was several letters of the alphabet away. “It’s so rude just to move someone’s car to F,” she sheepishly joked. Yep, been there too.

In case you are curious if the inside of Garner’s car looks anything like yours, the answer is yes. In 2018 she shared a photo of all the crap that tends to congregate inside of her automobile — old papers, cups, unidentifiable beverages, clothing items, you name it — and it was such a familiar sight.

Jennifer Garner, please continue inviting us into your momming-so-hard world. You make us feel understood AF and we so appreciate it.