Jennifer Garner Has A Cooking Show And It's Your New Favorite Thing

by Valerie Williams
Image via Facebook/Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner’s “Pretend Cooking Show” is the cutest thing ever

Out of all the cool and “real” celebrity moms, I have a serious soft spot for Jennifer Garner. I’m utterly convinced that if we ever met, we would become instant BFF and spend our days drunkenly giggling over the contents of our mom purses and bitching about having to man our daughters’ Girl Scout cookie booth for the fourth weekend in a row. And now, I love her even more because she’s got her very own cooking show and it’s the most adorable thing on earth.

For the last few months, Garner has been quietly publishing “episodes” of her Pretend Cooking Show on her Facebook page. There are now four, and we want them to be a daily thing because, just watch.

You guys, she kissed her Ina Garten cookbook. I can’t. She’s too pure.

Throughout the episodes, she gives the cutest cooking tips, like filling a measuring cup with water and advising, “not too hot, not too cold, just right.”

Like, why is she so cute? I demand answers. She made honey white bread in the shape of little people and that’s something I feel like I need in my life.

Image via Facebook/Jennifer Garner

In episode two, she makes Huckleberry English Muffins and it’s every bit as precious as it sounds.

YOU GUYS she’s wearing owl pajamas and reading glasses, I’m going to die of adorable.

Image via Facebook/Jennifer Garner

She also measured her waiting time for the dough to chill as “two kids’ bedtimes,” and I’m sorry, that’s so damn relatable. It feels like having your best friend in your kitchen. She blows the muffins a kiss at the end because she really wants to eat one, but she’s “doing a movie” and trying not to eat carbs. Oh OK, Jenn (I call her that now). I’ll eat three for you.

Episode three is her third attempt at making homemade bagels.

She set up the dough the night before wearing plaid pajamas with “Mama” embroidered on the front. We die.

Image via Facebook/Jennifer Garner

On to the results. Spoiler alert: She nails it. “What they lack in puffiness, they make up for in character,” she says between bites. (The carb moratorium must be over, PHEW.)

Image via Facebook/Jennifer Garner

The most recent episode has Garner giving us her best nut-free granola bar recipe. Because she’s a total mom and of course she has one.

Have you ever seen a woman so damn happy to make nut-free granola bars? I’m now assembling a packet of reasons why she needs to be my best friend immediately. Hopefully that’s not too creepy?

Image via Facebook/Jennifer Garner

She drizzles chocolate over the finished product at the end saying, “I’m not a pretty baker” and like, I completely beg to differ. She’s a beauteous angel.

Image via Facebook/Jennifer Garner

We honestly have no idea why Garner’s calling this a “pretend” cooking show because not only does she have actual cooking skills, she’s also the most pleasant kitchen tutor possible. She’s not threatening or overly serious or glossing over the fact that she’s a busy mom working her baking fun in between kid bedtimes. She’s real as heck, and that’s what makes her so lovable.

Stay tuned for episode five. I literally can’t wait.