Jennifer Garner's Son Wrote Her A Check For Being His Mom

by Leah Groth
ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

Jennifer Garner’s latest, relatable moment in parenthood, involves her son, Samuel, paying her for being his mom

There are a few celebrity moms who are truly just like us when it comes to their adventures in parenthood. This small, totally relatable (and undeniably hilarious) group includes the one-and-only Chrissy Teigen, Amy Schumer, and Jennifer Garner, of course. We literally can’t get enough of their candid confessions, awesome anecdotes, and deja vu-inducing experiences that demonstrate the good, the bad, the ugly, and the truly disgusting moments that make motherhood the amazing and truly unique entity that it is. This week, it was Garner’s turn to entertain us, sharing the literal check her son gave her to “pay her” for everything she does.

“Apparently, birthing and raising someone is valued at $168.42,” Garner cheekily captioned a photo of a check her youngest child, Samuel, wrote out to her on Christmas day. “I guess I should keep my day job.” She finished the post off with the hashtags “#iwouldbehismamaforfree” and “#ohwaitialreadyam.”

Many of Garner’s celebrity friends found her payment just as entertaining as everyone else — especially fellow moms Kerry Washington and Kimberly Williams Paisley.

“This is adorbs AND hilarious,” wrote the Scandal star. “I hope you get a raise in 2020!!!!”


“Ha! Yes, please keep your day job for the rest of us,” added Paisley.


In case you are curious just how underpaid Garner was for her services of being Sam’s mom, according to Insure.com, the average mom (not just stay-at-home mom) should be earning about $71,297 for her basic duties, which include schelpping the kids to school, cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, planning parties, and playing detective. So basically, Sam, that check is about $71,128.58 short.

This isn’t the first time Sam has put a smile on our faces with his creativity. Last year, he went through his mommy’s spice cabinet, renaming and relabeling every bottle. Some of his most impressive attempts included “SAGE THE CHILDREN” (inspired by one of Jen’s favorite charities, Save The Children), “MEATBUTT,” “ROSEFART,” and “PARSPEE.”

As for Garner, some of her most recent top moments in relatable parenting include losing her car in a parking garage (raise your hand if that has been you in the last year) and escorting her children to the bus stop in a bathrobe. I mean, if you haven’t done drop off in your pajamas and slippers at least once, are you even a parent?


She also makes us feel human when it comes to the contents of her purse and her car. While you might expect that the luxury of celebrity affords her a personal organizer to keep her crap looking fab at all times, her life is full of exactly the same mom junk as the rest of us.

Thank you Ms. Garner for making us feel seen at all times. Also, you deserve a serious raise.