JLo And A-Rod Had An Engagement Party With Their Whole Beautiful Family

by Christina Marfice
Jennifer Lopez/Instagram

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez brought their perfect, Brady Bunch family to their engagement party

Jennifer Lopez is having a pretty incredible year. She starred in Hustlers, which was an incredible movie and is generating some Oscar buzz for her. She was just announced as the co-star (alongside Shakira) of the 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show. And over the weekend, she had what looked like a killer party to celebrate her engagement to baseball superstar and all-around hottie/Good Man™ Alex Rodriguez. Like we said, incredible year.

JLo and A-Rod held their engagement party in Los Angeles, where their entire blended family was able to join in the celebration. That includes JLo’s 11-year-old twins Maximilian “Max” David and Emme, and A-Rod’s daughters, 11-year-old Ella and 14-year-old Natasha Alexander. Other family and friends were also their to toast to the new family’s future.


JLo posted several photos from the party to Instagram, all with the same caption: “9/27/19” and a bunch of heart emojis. It’s clear she’s over the moon about marrying this guy and turning their two perfect families into one, somehow more perfect, family.

Like, just look at this photo and try to tell me these two people aren’t meant to be together. There’s so much love simply radiating from them. It’s truly the happily ever after they both deserve.


Even A-Rod got in on posting a photo from what was clearly a very special night. In the caption, he wrote that it was “So great celebrating with family and close friends.”

Both JLo and A-Rod have said that they plan to make their families a big part of their wedding, so we can’t wait to see the photos from that. There have also been some rumors swirling that the happy and in-love pair might be adding to their family, after Lopez said during a SiriusXM radio interview that she’s open to having more kids with her new husband. We can’t say we’d be upset if that happened, and can you imagine how cute a baby would be with that mix of genes? We are here for this particular family growing even more.