Women Share Mansplaining Horror Stories In Viral Twitter Thread

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Twitter/Jenny Jaffe

Jenny Jaffe’s Twitter thread will make your head explode

Sigh, if only we all could have the confidence of an overly confident man. TV writer Jenny Jaffe (a delightful Twitter follow, 12/10 highly recommend) recently shared an encounter she’s had with multiple men who are aspiring TV writers. Most people would probably treat someone who works in the industry they hope to work in as a sort of mentor figure, right? Welp, not if you’re these guys.

Jaffe, creator and star of IFC’s Neurotica and mental health advocate, shared her astonishment at the unearned, misplaced confidence that surrounds The Condescending Male.

There really should be some sort of scientific study surrounding the “mansplaining” lobe of the brain. Jaffe’s tweet inspired other women to share their own similar encounters, and the stories will floor you.

Just kidding, they probably won’t surprise you in the least. But they’re still really something to behold.

WHEW. So glad female employees can live up to the expectations of random men on the internet!

Ah yes, the “you’re good at x, for a girl” line. It’s about as original as it is feminist.

Gotta love a man who doesn’t think twice about blurting out an asinine generalization based on sex. And for whatever it’s worth, my husband literally packs a singular pair of underwear and a stick of deodorant for any and all trips — and regrets it immediately 99% of the time. So shove it, Scout Dad.

NO. JUST NO. FOR ALL ETERNITY, NO. Unless he’s a trained lactation consultant — and even then, you know what? No. Keep it. She didn’t ask for it, so just…keep it.

Dear All Men Like This: You are not being “helpful” by offering unsolicited advice, condescension, or sharing the wonder of women actually being good at what they do. Isn’t it just a total kick in the head that high-achieving women as a whole agonize over things like imposter syndrome, while the average man is far more confident? And willing to share said confidence with anyone who will listen?

Since mansplaining by the Overly Confident Man is a very common occurrence most women have experienced at minimum 7,000 times (I kid, I kid), we’ve had to develop some, uh, coping mechanisms.

You know why? BECAUSE IT WORKS. The end.