Jessica Biel Instagrams Eating In The Shower, Because All Moms Just Want To Eat In Peace

by Megan Zander
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Image via Instagram/ Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel shares Instagram photos of her #ShowerEats

When you think about Jessica Biel’s life you probably think it’s pretty charmed. After all, she’s got her own kid-friendly cafe, hair that looks perfect even when it’s in a messy bun and she’s married to the ultimate ’90s heartthrob — Justin Timberlake. As mom to one-year-old son Silas, Biel’s got it pretty good.

But she’s also just like any other mom in the trenches. Because as she showed in a recent Instagram post, when Biel just wants to have a snack without someone bothering her, she sneaks off to her favorite hiding spot: the shower.

Fessing up to her shower snacking ways Biel captioned the photo, “Yes. I eat in the shower. I admit it. Chicken apple sausage and espresso. Try it. I dare you.” Girl’s got real silverware and a saucer for her espresso. Brava, Jessica. She wants to enjoy her coffee damnit, not chug it down while a toddler clings to her legs.

Proving this really is her favorite place to sneak a snack, Biel posted another shot a week ago of her #ShowerEats session, though this time we don’t know what she was noshing out of Silas’ reach.

Every mom has their secret snacking spot. Whether your kids always want to share whatever you’re eating or they just interrupt you a million times so you can’t even enjoy your food, sometimes we just need a place where we can eat alone. For some of us, it’s while we do the dishes, with the running water providing noise to cover our crunching sounds. Or maybe you hide Hershey kisses in the tampon box because your period cramps and chocolate cravings pair nicely together. Personally I like to make a little triangle hiding space between the fridge door and the window where the kids can’t see me. This way I can stand there and graze undetected, like a ninja cow.

But Biel’s smart. She doesn’t hide in a closet or around a corner, she brings her food right into the shower. Not only does she get to eat uninterrupted, she doesn’t have to worry about spilling coffee down the front of their shirt. That’s a professional mom move right there.

So the next time you’re pretending to cough so your kids don’t hear you open up the bag of potato chips, just remember that you’re not alone. All moms do it, even Mrs. Timberlake.

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