Jessica Biel’s #MomLife Photos Are Cracking Us Up

by Cassandra Stone
Image via Instagram

Look, even Jessica Biel is just as tired as the rest of us

If there’s one thing we can all agree on when it comes to parenthood, it’s that parenthood doesn’t care who you are. It will get the best of you whether you’re a regular, everyday Joe Schmo or the lavish and lovely Jessica Biel.

Which is why we are living for her down-to-earth, totally honest #MomLife pics on Instagram. Because it’s a solid reminder that we’re all in this thing together.

Biel is a huge fan of eating in the shower. Which sounds kinda weird, and maybe a little gross to the non-parents out there. It’s no shower beer, but it’s necessary for survival sometimes. Shower eating is an escape. As moms, it’s our only chance to eat in peace. Other than scarfing down fast food (and later hiding all evidence from our kids) during our rare solo trips to the grocery store.

Yeah, #MomLife isn’t exactly glamorous. Even if you’re an accomplished Hollywood actress and married to Justin Timberlake.

Biel is mom to son Silas, 2. She recently appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert and did the exact opposite of what most Hollywood moms do during talk show gigs: she was completely honest and told Colbert that having a toddler is, a lot of the time, not great.

“For me, this is terrible, but I’ve heard so much about the ‘three-teens,‘” she said. “The 3-year-olds are called the ‘three-teens’ because they’re so insane that they’re just like having tiny teenagers, which is way worse than having big teenagers, I think.”

Yes, we’ve all known and loved a “threenager.” And we’ve all secretly flipped them off behind their backs. Or wanted to, at least. They are wonderful, funny, engaging little creatures who fill up every nook and cranny of our hearts. But they also drive us completely mad.

Being a mom to a toddler means you’re right in the thick of those crazy, exhausting, blurry years where one day bleeds into the next because each day looks exactly the same. Fancy date nights and any semblance of your former independence are pretty much nonexistent.

You know what date nights look like during The Toddler Years? This.

(Well, minus the skyscrapers in the background and five star penthouse suite, of course). It’s pouring a drink at home and playing Scrabble.

Just another reason why we love Jessica Biel. Because her #MomLife looks a lot like ours.