Jessica Chastain Tweets About Women's Health, Mansplainers Arrive

by Maria Guido
Image via Getty Images/Twitter

Jessica Chastain tweets about women’s health and men can’t help but comment

Jessica Chastain is not silent about women’s issues, and men can’t seem to stay silent when she speaks up about said issues.

A few months ago, a baseball player attempted to mansplain birth control to Chastain, and Twitter gloriously shut him down. Yesterday, Chastain tweeted about the irony of some men not wanting to pay for women’s health:

She’s referring of course to Trump’s plan to do away with universal maternity coverage. Seema Verma, Donald Trump’s pick to lead the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services mentioned in a Senate Finance Committee meeting last month that she didn’t think insurance companies should have to offer maternity coverage as a required benefit. “Some women might want maternity coverage,” she said. “Some women might not want it.”

“A 54-year-old doesn’t need certain things. They don’t need maternity care,” Sean Spicer told reporters. “They don’t need certain medical services that are being provided to them by this government product that is being forced on them right now.” Yeah, well a lot of women of childbearing age don’t need a lot of the services men receive either, but that is not how insurance works. Treating pregnancy as a pre-existing condition is a terrible idea, considering that 45 percent of pregnancies in the US are unplanned.

But back to Chastain’s tweet. Men quickly showed up to make points that are kind of non-points.

What the hell does that have to do with anything? Is Trump’s healthcare plan robbing you of necessary services? No? Okay, kindly STFU.

Chastain reminds him his argument is nonsense.

Steven decides to show up to let us all know this isn’t about gender at all.

Right! We’re trying to block women’s coverage for necessary health benefits, but this isn’t about women at all, silly wabbit.

And here comes someone masquerading behind a clever fake name to bring us back to the real problem: feminism.

Sorry. I’m here. My eyes rolled so far back into my head that I fell off my chair.

Mansplaining: the tweet.

Thanks for chiming in, Dack. You’re wrong.

Yeah. That’s definitely what’s annoying about this exchange.

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