Shirtless Dad Ruins Anchor Daughter's In-Home News Report

by Julie Scagell

Someone forgot to tell this dad that his kitchen was being used as a newsroom

Working from home can have its challenges these days — especially if you’re trying to report the news. One woman found that out the hard way when delivering a report from her parent’s kitchen and, unfortunately for her, not notifying her dad that filming was taking place.

Jessica Lang, a TV anchor and reporter for Florida’s Suncoast News Network, was doing her best to social distance at home while reporting on coronavirus from the kitchen and realized by the look on her mom’s (aka the videographer’s) face that something was amiss. Luckily, it wasn’t a live report but it’s hilarious all the same.

Lang cut herself off mid-sentence after it seems her mom made some sort of face — you know the one — like her husband just walked into the picture half-naked. Annoyed, Lang asked, “What did you do mom?” then swung around to see the culprit — her dad casually walking into the room while putting on his shirt.

Lang yelled, “Dad, holy crap!” and balled her fists in frustration like any daughter would under the circumstances. For his part, dad just pretends nothing actually happened, backing out the same way he came in. Nothing to see here. Lang shared the hilarious video on Twitter, saying, “Work from home they said, it’ll be fine they said.”

Everyone who is currently in Lang’s situation can feel her pain. It’s been an, um, adjustment having spouses, kids, pets, work, homeschooling, and the crushing anxiety that life will never return to normal. We’re all making adjustments — learning what our partners would be like to work with (last week on a conference call my husband told someone that his idea “was as useless as a bag of carrots”) and apparently, for Lang, what your dad looks like without a shirt on.

People obviously found Lang’s dad hilarious and the hero we all need right about now:

Lang did admit in a later tweet it wasn’t just her dad that set her off, this was also take number 28. SNNTV said their reporter had started working remotely last Thursday and was being filmed by her mother Diana at the time. The network covers news in Sarasota and the Sun Coast.

Florida cases of the coronavirus have topped 11,500 and the state has reported 195 deaths as of today, with the governor, Ron DeSantis, finally issuing a stay-at-home order last week. Since then, Lang has had to get creative with her reporting but I’ll bet from now on she’ll know exactly where her dad is before she starts filming.