People Are Mad At Jessica Simpson For Sharing Photos Of Her Kid In A Bikini

by Valerie Williams
Image via Instagram

Time for the perfect parents to weigh in

Jessica Simpson is no stranger to catching flack from the Perfect Parents of the Internet. She posts her kids on Instagram and people flock to criticize her. This time, it’s because she dared show the world a few adorable snaps of her daughter playing on her bike while wearing a bikini.

Honestly, everyone just needs to calm the hell down.

Simpson posted the pictures of 5-year-old Maxwell earlier this week and the adorable kiddo is obviously feeling super confident and having fun with her poses.

With her little hip stuck out while rocking a cute tie-dye bikini and of course, a helmet, Maxwell looks precious and every bit the happy 5-year-old girl that she is.

But this is the internet, and everything sweet and innocent must therefore be destroyed. Commenters pounced like vultures, quick to reprimand Simpson and remind her of all the evil perverts who will use the photos for nefarious purposes.

“This is beyond inappropriate. Why would you specialize your daughter and put a photo like this on IG for the world to see? Allow her to become an adult and decide if she wants these types of pictures of herself online. But for her own mother to do this, is sick.”

We’re pretty sure this internet hero meant “sexualize” not “specialize” but there’s no time for spelling when chastising celebrity moms on Instagram.

Another parenting expert helpfully weighed in with an extra dose of mom-shaming. “I would NEVER post a picture like this of my 5-year-old daughter! This is an account anyone can see. Jessica shame on you for exposing your daughter instead of protecting her!”

Apparently, people think there are no pedophiles and sickos hanging out at the community pool or on public beaches. In the days of camera phones, basically any of them could snap photos of your children. I don’t say that to be paranoid or alarmist, but to point out how ridiculous it is to assert that Simpson or anyone who posts photos like this of their children are somehow putting them in a bigger kind of danger.

Bottom line, everyone has their own ideas about what’s appropriate and what’s right for their children. What other people do when it comes to their kids and social media is frankly no one else’s business. We have no doubt Jessica is a loving mom and that Maxwell has plenty of protection and supervision both at home and in public.

You do you, Jessica. The internet will just have to deal with it.