Jessica Simpson's Being Mom-Shamed For Letting Her Daughter Get Her Hair Dyed

by Valerie Williams
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Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty and Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Jessica Simpson let Maxi Drew have a little hair color fun and the internet trolls came out

Honestly, we have to hand it to celeb moms who continue to put out adorable content about their adorable kids and endure the judgy trolls of the internet. Some (like Pink) decide it’s not worth the turmoil and stop posting photos of their littles altogether. Others, like Jessica Simpson, continue to share their sweet kiddos despite the mom-shaming they deal with on the daily.

This time, Simpson is taking heat for allowing seven-year-old Maxi Drew to do a little pinky-purple dip on the ends of her blonde locks. Honestly, my eyes won’t even roll far enough into the back of my head to express my feelings here. People need to get lives, big time.

Simpson shared the ridiculously cute photos of her gorgeous little girl with the caption, “Inspired by The Descendants #901girl #MAXIDREW.” Clearly, Maxi’s feeling a little Maleficent “Mal,” Disney star Dove Cameron’s character in the television movie series The Descendants. Which, how freaking cute is that. Her kiddo had a special interest in a fun female character and she let her do a little hair cosplaying. It’s also very timely as Descendants 3 premieres this Friday, August 2.

Look how happy she is.

Jessica Simpson/Instagram

Of course, the judgy trolls of the internet felt otherwise and decided to weigh in with their completely unsolicited opinions on the matter.

Not sure? Growing up too fast? Like, good thing this is literally not your kid so no worries there.

The only “shame” here is that people think it perfectly fine and normal to chastise a mother for a completely innocent and fun thing she’s allowing her seven-year-old child to do.

Gonna go out on a limb here and say that a person of Jessica Simpson’s means has taken her kid to a fantastic salon that will use all the best products and take great care to keep Maxi’s hair healthy while she enjoys a little fun color. And even if she did it in the bathroom sink at home — chill the heck out. It’s hair. You cut it off and it grows back.

Is there a guide somewhere with the “right” reasons for allowing a kid to play with their hair color? Here I was with this crazy thought that a child and their parents agreeing that it’s a good idea was the only “right” reason.

Apparently not in the eyes of her parents, who are the only ones that matter.

Um. I’m not sure, but I do know that dying her hair in second or third grade has absolutely no bearing on her later actions as a teen.

In conclusion, WTF is wrong with people? Do they honestly think a celebrity parent is going to read their amazing advice and change their ways immediately? Or does it just make some folks feel better to sit on their high horse and declare the parenting choices of others to be inferior? Either way, we’re pretty confident Jessica isn’t letting these pearl-clutching judgers get to her. She’s clearly an awesome mom who is letting her daughter be creative with her appearance in a way that inspires her.

And that’s truly all that counts.

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