Mommy-Shamers Pile On Jessica Simpson For Letting Her Daughter Enjoy Makeup

by Megan Zander
Image via Instagram/Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson takes her daughter to MAC, mommy-shamers freak

It seems like Jessica Simpson is a magnet for the Judgy Parents of the internet. Nearly every time she posts a photo of her kids online, people flock like pigeons to bread to try and find a way to criticize her parenting skills. The latest photo that’s got the internet trolls pounding their keyboards? Simpson and her five-year-old daughter Maxwell enjoying what looks like an awesome day of shopping at MAC Cosmetics.

What I see in this photo is a cute little girl who’s a carbon copy of her mom showing off some fun purple lipstick, and my all-time favorite popstar (sorry Britney) looking like she’s having a fantastic day with her daughter. What mom wouldn’t want to share such a cute photo?

Of course the armchair parenting police feel differently. Deciding that whole, “If you don’t have anything nice to say” adage doesn’t apply to them, they took it upon themselves to tell Simpson that she’s failing as a parent by letting Maxwell wear makeup. Here are a few of their comments.

Gotta love it when an internet rando assumes they know how to raise your child better than you do. And who says kids can’t enjoy playing outside and enjoy getting creative with their appearance at the same time? Jeez you guys, it’s almost like they’re little humans with complex personalities and the ability to have multiple interests. Oh sorry, I interrupted the concern trolls — they weren’t finished.

Because saying “that’s just my opinion” somehow makes insulting someone okay.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a child experimenting with makeup. They color on the walls for crying out loud — their face is another canvas for them to express their creativity on. And furthermore, it’s no one’s business how Simpson choses to spend time with her kid. She’s rich and famous and could probably order all of MAC from her couch — or better yet have her assistant do it. Instead she’s taking the time to go out and spend some quality time with her daughter, and from the looks of it, loving it. A mom and her 5-year-old were having a fun moment where no one was crying — can’t we all cheer for that and move on?

It wasn’t just the fact that she and Maxwell enjoyed some time at the makeup counter that got people’s panties in a wad. It was the fact that they went to MAC in particular.

This isn’t the first time Simpson’s drawn the wrath of the internet over her parenting choices for Maxwell. People lost their shit when she posted photos her daughter playing on her bike while wearing a bikini, claiming the swimsuit was inappropriate for a child. And not everyone was laughing when she quoted Kelis’ Milkshake alongside a snap of Maxwell having a snack last year, saying she was sexualizing her kid.

If history is any indication, Simpson’s not going to let this latest batch of naysayers stop her from doing what she does best — being an awesome mom who somehow makes an ugly sweater jacket look like high fashion. Oh, and Maxwell? That lipcolor looks great on you.