Jessie J Speaks Out About Her Split From Channing Tatum

by Leah Groth
Isabel Infantes/PA Images/SOPA Images/Getty

Jessie J wants everyone to stop speculating about her recent split from Channing Tatum, so she set the record straight

There are two parts to any celebrity split: the truth, (which we, the general public, will probably never fully know) and the way the media reports it, usually on par with a juicy evening soap opera. When it was revealed last week that actor Channing Tatum and singer Jessie J were over, there were so many interpretations as to what went wrong in their year-plus relationship, most of them surprisingly normal. “The timing was off,” one “source” told People. “They are still really close and still close friends,” an insider told Us Weekly. Well, Jessie J isn’t super into other people discussing her love life, so she has decided to set the record straight involving her split from Tatum.

“It will NEVER feel normal to me when people discuss, debate and have an opinion on my life, especially my personal life,” the singer started off her Instagram story. “Unless you experience it. It’s a weird feeling to really try and describe. I know I can’t control what people say and do. BUT I can speak the TRUTH. One time.”

Jessie J / Instagram

She then went on to explain that her breakup wasn’t very extraordinary.

“In my most recent breakup, there was no drama. No hate. No juicy gossip,” she continued. “We are just two very normal (happen to be famous) people who met. Dated. Had so much fun! And just admitted over time it didn’t work as a romantic relationship. Still friends. Still respect and have love for one another. Simple.”

She also wanted to point out that “stars are just like us” when it comes to dating and love. “You have to throw yourself into love to know if it will work or not. In our case some of the world was watching, that was and is the only difference,” she continued.

She really hopes that everyone will move on from her love life and focus on world issues that actually matter. “Now let’s get back to writing stories in the press about real world problems and educating people on the important things that are going on,” she concluded.

Tatum and Jessie J were first linked in October 2018, just months after the Magic Mike star revealed he and wife, Jenna Dewan, had split. Recently Dewan revealed she had felt “blindsided” when she learned about his new relationship with the Bang, Bang singer. She’s currently expecting a baby with boyfriend Steve Kazee.

Tatum, who has yet to comment on the breakup and has been spending time with his other woman — his daughter with Dewan, Everly — recently taking her to go see Frozen: The Musical.