Jill Biden Gets Between Vegan Protestors And Her Husband During Speech

by Christina Marfice
Jill Biden Shoves Vegan Protestors Who Rushed The Stage During Her Husband's Speech
The Washington Post/Getty

Forget the Secret Service — Jill Biden has it handled

When a number of vegan protestors decided to try to storm the stage while Joe Biden was giving a Super Tuesday speech in Los Angeles, they had no idea the kind of opponent they were facing. In a situation like this, where you don’t know if the person storming the stage is potentially dangerous, you’d expect the Secret Service to step in and make sure everyone stays safe. Only they didn’t have to this time, because someone else was already on it: Jill Biden.

Anti-dairy protestors have been turning up at political events all over California this election season, so it wasn’t too surprising to see them make an appearance while Joe was giving his speech —with Jill by his side — after his major Super Tuesday wins in Virginia, Alabama, Minnesota, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

But when two of the protestors attempted to get on stage, chanting, “Let dairy die,” is when the real surprise happened.

Security guards were busy removing the first protestor from the stage when the second one climbed up. And with no one else there to defend her husband, Jill stepped right in. She did not hesitate. She did not stop to think about the potential danger of the situation. She immediately blocked Joe with her body, arms up, keeping the protestor from being able to touch him. As she blocked, Joe’s senior adviser, Symone Sanders, came flying across the stage to tackle the protestor. Basically, Secret Service can break for lunch, because these badass women have their job covered.

We also highly recommend watching the moment in slow motion as captured by Amy Schumer, complete with her absolutely hilarious play-by-play commentary. She became a Jill Biden fan last night, and we can’t blame her at all.

What’s made the moment even better is the reactions online from people who saw it happen. Basically, Jill Biden gained a lot of support for her future NFL career last night.

Ultimately, everyone was OK and Joe’s speech was only interrupted very briefly. After Jill reassured him, he picked up where he left off and continued addressing the crowd. The worst outcome of the night is that Symone Sanders broke a nail in the scuffle.

Here’s hoping her boss treated her to the manicure she deserves.