Jill Duggar Is Spewing Birth Control Misinformation No One Asked For

by Cassandra Stone
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Jill Duggar Is Giving Out Birth Control Misinformation No One Asked For
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Jill Duggar might be answering a Q & A but literally no one asked her to give the wrong answer

Jill Duggar is asserting control over her reproductive rights, y’all! But before you stop what you’re doing and start thinking she’s crossing over from the Christian side, have no fear. She may be on birth control, but she surely doesn’t understand it as much as she should understand it while using her huge platform to talk about it. Yes, she of the horrifying sex advice (masturbation is a one-way ticket to hell, etc.) is also bad at talking about birth control. Imagine that.

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In a new Q&A video posted to YouTube, Jill sits down with her transphobic husband, Derick Dillard, to talk about everything from birth control, their finances, and the LTBTQ+ community. Jill says she eventually wants more children, “Lord willing,” but for now she and Derick do not. So they’re using “non-hormonal birth control” (which could be anything from Trojans to a copper IUD, she doesn’t clarify). Because she believes hormonal birth control could potentially “cause an abortion.” Sigh.

″We use birth control, but we prefer to use non-hormonal birth control methods because we don’t want to use anything that could potentially cause an abortion,″ Jill says in the video. ″I think there are probably uses for hormonal birth control for like regulating things and stuff like that, but for us we just want to be careful about that.″

It’s very, very important to understand that contraception is not abortion. At all. In any way. Hormonal and copper IUDs and emergency contraceptives like Plan B do not disrupt existing pregnancies. Which means they cannot be considered abortifacients. Emergency contraceptives prevent ovulation — they can work up to five days after sex, because sperm can live inside a person’s body for that long. Hormonal and copper IUDs work by preventing sperm from reaching an egg and fertilizing it. This science lesson is brought to you but The Guttmacher Institute.

Alas, Jill Duggar Dillard has apparently not received this lesson from her gynecologist. Or if she did, her brain has been too programmed with propaganda from the Jim Bob School Of Harmful Sex Misinformation.

“We’re more natural-minded and sometimes there can be more longer lasting effects from hormonal birth control and stuff like that so we just steer clear of those,” she continued. “Eventually we want to have more kids and stuff — lord willing — so we don’t want to mess too much with all of that and potentially cause problems.”

As far as Duggars go, Jill does seem to be breaking the teeniest bit loose from her family’s beliefs. She got a nose ring, she recently talked about being open to tattoos, she wears actual pants and shorts, and she recently — go ahead and grab those pearls for dear life — drank alcohol and documented it on her Instagram page. Now if she starts dancing, she may as well consider herself ex-communicated from the Duggar compound.

Her and her husband also awkwardly tackled the LGBTQ+ topic by saying they have friends “in the community” but they still believe homosexuality, like lying, stealing, premarital sex, and adultery, is still “sinful.” But it’s also okay because “we’re all sinners.” They do not address Dillard’s heinous past behavior when he publicly engaged in transphobic violence by bullying fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings for being transgender. The Dillards do not appear on TLC’s Counting On with the rest of her older siblings because the network fired them afterward (much like Anna and Josh aren’t regulars on the show because he’s a self-admitted child molester and serial adulterer).

Anyway! Stay tuned for Jill Duggar’s next YouTube video, where she shows off her new tramp stamp or something.

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