Jill Duggar Wants You To Know Sex Is Great -- Unless You're Gay Or Unmarried

by Cassandra Stone
Jill Duggar/Instagram

No one asked for Jill Duggar’s explanation of the Kama Sutra, but here we are

Another day, another Duggar making us blink rapidly several times in a row as we wonder what exactly they’re talking about. Once again, it’s Jill Duggar — who can’t stop, won’t stop talking about her sex life — and she’s back to oversharing and condemning anyone who isn’t married or heterosexual. Yep, sounds about right!

A few weeks ago, Jill wrote an insanely lengthy blog post full of marriage advice. It covered all the bases, like how to be completely and utterly subservient to your husband and put yourself last (which is very important to God? Or something?). It also touched upon the danger of wives masturbating solo and ignoring your friends’ calls when your husband is home. Yes, really.

Well, folks, she’s back to sharing and judging! And explaining the Kama Sutra! In a recent Instagram post, Jill shared a few snapshots from an anniversary weekend she spent with her transphobic, online bully of a husband, Derrick (who is no longer allowed to be featured on her family’s TLC show, Counting On, because of his bigotry).

As you scroll through the photos, you eventually get to their “game night” where they play Christian sex games and display a copy of the Kama Sutra.

Jill Duggar/Instagram

Be all of that as it may, one might be asking oneself, “Wow, I wouldn’t have pegged a Duggar to get frisky to the Hindu art of lovemaking.” Which is a totally fair reaction! Naturally, many, MANY pearl-clutching Christian followers of Jill’s made it known she was getting a bit too TMI for their tastes:

Cindy’s comin’ in hot with that Christian judgment! And she was far from the only one, which led Jill Duggar to edit her original post and explain herself in the caption. Don’t worry, she immediately appeased all of the Cindys that she and Derrick are keeping things Christian between the sheets.

See, guys, they’re avidly displaying the Kama Sutra, but they’re not at all recommending it. In fact, they’ve somehow found a squeaky clean, Jesus-y version of the famous, ancient Hindu book.

And lest you think they’re somehow showing how “sex positive” they are, they’re not. At all. Because Jill makes it very clear that they’re only promoting “biblical marriage” between married men and women. Their “clean” version of the Kama Sutra is not for spirituality or homosexual relationships. Just one vagina, one penis, and eternal, sacramental bliss.

Though, truth be told, is anyone surprised? This is the same family who literally changed the name of deviled eggs because the word “devil” was in it, but didn’t bat an eye at the fact that the eldest son, Josh, is a serial sexual assaulter who’s also cheated on his wife multiple times.

Lambast those eggs and the Kama Sutra all you want, Duggars. Just know there are plenty of people out there having happy, healthy, fun sex and not worrying one bit about your narrow-minded, harmful views.