Jimmy Kimmel's Latest Prank Messes With Fortnite-Obsessed Kids -- And It's Gold

by Julie Scagell
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Image via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Who knew kids could get so upset so quick? (All parents.)

If you’ve ever seen Jimmy Kimmel air his annual compilation of videos sent in by parents who convinced their kids that they ate their Halloween candy, you know just how funny it can be. Because of its popularity (or maybe just because Kimmel enjoys making kids cry), he decided to up his game and have parents interrupt their kids playing Fortnite — by turning off the TV mid-game.

Lord have mercy.

If your child plays Fortnite, you know just how seriously they take it. Being interrupted for silly things like eating dinner, homework, or the house being on fire are not reasons to quit mid-game, because the entire universe is relying on them to finish. So when parents (at Kimmel’s recommendation) turned their TV off without a word of warning during the middle of a game, well, you can imagine how that went down.

“What just happened? It just turned off. What!” the unsuspecting kid squeals in a pitch only dogs can hear. Other reactions ranged from stunned silence, begging to have it turned back on because “I can still win. I can still win,” a few F-bombs, and my personal favorite — a kid laughing in disbelief and telling his dad, “What are you doing? Go cook.”

Image via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Then, there’s the mom who went in to attempt to turn the TV off but couldn’t find the off button, which is exactly what would have happened if I tried doing this myself. Standing in front of the screen did seem to have to same general effect because her kid yelled, “My friend just died because of you.” Classic.

Image via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

It’s easy to see just how seriously these kids (and that one dad) take Fortnite. It’s a hilarious prank, but shows just how addicting the game can be, so much so some parents are even sending their kids to Fortnite rehab in order to get professional help. It sounds crazy, but just like with anything else in excess, it can get out of hand very quickly.

Image via YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

Regardless, Kimmel is always here to save the day and make light of any situation. If you want to know if your kid’s obsessed with Fortnite, feel free to try this at home and see how it goes.

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