J.K. Rowling Owns Twitter Trolls Threatening To Burn Her Books

by Valerie Williams
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The author doesn’t hold back, and it’s amazing

Harry Potter author and all-around wonderful person J.K. Rowling has never been shy about her distaste for Donald Trump. Since the primaries, she’s made a point of sharing her thoughts on his policy ideas and now that he’s turning some of them into law, she’s speaking up again. Naturally, some of her fans aren’t pleased.

Not that she’s letting that stop her.

Back in December 2015, Rowling didn’t exactly hold back in her assessment of the erstwhile presidential candidate, now commander-in-chief. When a BBC article compared Trump to Potter villain Lord Voldemort, the author offered her two cents.


Ever since, she’s let the world know where she stands, and that includes straight owning the trolls who try to take her down for speaking out about her strongly-held beliefs.

Keyword being, try.

It turns out, Rowling is full of amazing shade, and watching her dance circles around the idiots threatening to burn her books will give you life. But first, allow us to point out her classy move of blocking the usernames of most of the jerks tormenting her and screenshotting their vicious words instead of linking them, likely to spare them from being bombarded by her huge and loyal readership.

Even when being treated like utter garbage, she maintains her composure. Like a total boss.

Ouch, guys. Want some aloe for those sick burns? Rowling clearly didn’t come to play. And as Business Insider notes, she’s not exactly a novice when it comes to politics and world issues. One of the author’s first post-college jobs was with Amnesty International as a secretary and researcher. The news outlet also points out the political tone of the Harry Potter books, which reject authoritarianism, aka, the Trump administration’s current vibe.

As awful as the trolls are, Rowling lets her fans know that she’s getting more support than jeers, while keeping her incredible sense of humor intact, even in the face of hateful morons.

Kudos to J.K. Rowling for showing us all how it’s done.

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