John Krasinski Is Hosting An Online Prom And Anyone Can Attend

by Christina Marfice
John Krasinksi Is Hosting A Virtual Prom For Teens Who Can't Attend Their Own
John Krasinski/Instagram

John Krasinski is hosting a virtual prom for high school seniors, but it’s OK, you can go, too

One of the hardest things about the coronavirus pandemic is how many big milestones people are having to miss: Weddings, birthdays, and big family vacations, just to name a few. And few have it worse than the high school class of 2020, who saw their final year with their friends suddenly go up in smoke, along with their plans for college prep, senior projects, graduation, and their senior prom. John Krasinski wants to help out.

Krasinski has been hosting his weekly web show Some Good News to help us all find the positive things happening in the world during the pandemic, and now, he’s using that platform to promote his first socially distanced event: A virtual prom. Sure, he’s throwing it mostly for this year’s seniors who aren’t going to be able to attend their own last school dance. But anyone can go, so time to bust out a nice outfit and party like it’s whatever year you graduated.

Krasinski announced the event in a tweet, writing, “Ok ok… so one of our favorite segments on @somegoodnews is ‘What’d I miss?’ And I just can’t take it anymore how much all you guys are missing prom. So let’s do something about it! Let’s have an #SGNprom !! Yup, I’ll DJ with some friends live on YouTube. Friday 8EST/5PST!”

That’s right — he’s going to DJ the event himself, along with “some friends.” On past episodes of Some Good News, Krasinski has brought on Steve Carrell and the entire original cast of Hamilton, so there’s really no telling what celebrity special guests he’s going to surprise us with at prom.

Krasinski has already provided us with the live invitation link, which is on his Some Good News YouTube channel. All you have to do is click that link at 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central) tonight and, well, we imagine Krasinski will do the rest. Dress up in your prom best (or don’t — we don’t even wear pants to work meetings anymore so pajama prom would be totally acceptable) and get ready to dance like nobody’s watching (because literally nobody is).