John Legend Defends Wife Chrissy Teigen Against Mom-Shamers

by Valerie Williams
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John Legend calls out mom shamers who criticize Chrissy Teigen, offering to “split” the shame

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend had an adorable baby girl last month and ever since, they’ve been the subject of much internet criticism. Wait. Scratch that. Not they, just she. Chrissy has been shamed for every reason under the sun since the couple first announced their pregnancy, but her husband has remained utterly untouched throughout this ridiculous pile-on. Instead of staying silent, he spoke out on Facebook last night about the ridiculous double-standard.

In a brief post, Legend summed up exactly how unfair it is that his wife is picked apart as a mother, but no one ever questions him as a father. In response to recent comments about Teigen leaving their infant daughter Luna too soon to have dinner out with her husband, he had this to say.

Funny there’s no dad-shaming. When both of us go out to dinner, shame both of us so Chrissy doesn’t have to take it all. We’ll split it.

It’s a quick and brutally effective mic drop. Not only is he pointing out how absolutely shitty it is that no one ever says a word about him leaving their infant daughter so soon, he’s also putting on a united front with his wife, which is amazing. They’re basically “couple’s goals”, which is probably why they catch so much hate to begin with. Couch trolls eating bags of Doritos and smearing their phone screens with the ranch seasoning can’t stand seeing a happy, gorgeous, in-love couple enjoying a night out away from their child because it reminds them that they’re judgmental jerks and not beautiful celebrities. HOW DARE THEY be attractive and happy and rich? Better hit where it hurts — Teigen’s mothering skills.


And of course, this isn’t the only thing the internet has shamed her for. She’s caught shit for everything from their decision to have a baby girl, use a night nurse and the fact that Teigen didn’t always dress like a matronly expecting mom throughout her pregnancy. People just can’t get enough of bashing this woman. Now, she’s under the microscope more than ever because her baby is actually here. They can bash more than just her life decisions — they can bash her parenting.

Horrible people jealous of Teigen’s adorable date nights, incredible post-baby figure and general happiness are only too glad to try to detract from her, but no one seems too worried about giving her husband the same treatment. And sadly, she’s far from the first celebrity mom to have this happen. It might not be to the same degree as the Teigen/Legend fervor, but tons of famous women have dealt with the very same thing. Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth flexes his biceps and bakes his daughter a cake and he’s heralded as Dad of the Year. Ryan Reynolds changes a diaper and we’re ready to knight him. Why all the hate for celebrity moms?

[shareable_quote]Now, she’s under the microscope more than ever because her baby is actually here. They can bash more than just her life decisions — they can bash her parenting.[/shareable_quote]

Well, because we do this for us Normals too. Moms are always held to a much higher standard than dads. We had a dad do his daughter’s hair go viral. A dad takes his daughter out for lunch and we treat it like the sighting of a rare bird. Meanwhile, moms would be criticized for not doing their daughter’s hair good enough. Or trying too hard by doing a complicated style found on Pinterest — like, aren’t there better ways she could spend her time? Or taking their child to McDonald’s to have a nice little outing together instead of something healthy.

Simply put, moms can’t win while dads go largely untouched.

Combine that fact with Teigen’s fame, looks and general “amazing life” envy and you have the perfect storm. Us regular folks might not be rich, gorgeous celebrities, but we sure can insult someone for not being a good enough mother, no matter their station in life. It’s a way that sad, pathetic people feel superior to others, and it’s pretty much total bullshit.

John Legend expressing a desire to “split” the shaming with his wife is admirable, but no one needs to be shamed at all. We’re all just parents, trying our best. No matter how rich and famous, no mom deserves to be torn apart for eating dinner out with her husband “too soon” after having a baby or having a flat stomach. When anyone feels the urge to do so, maybe turn that judgmental lens around and take a hard look at themselves instead.

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