Olympian John Shuster's Son Adorably Reacts To Dad Being Named Flag Bearer

by Lauren Levy

The olympic champion’s son was bursting with pride after finding out his dad will be carrying the U.S flag at the opening ceremony

U.S. Olympian John Shuster had some exciting news to tell his family back home in Superior, Wisconsin. But as proud as the 39-year-old dad was to share that he was picked to carry the American flag at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, it’s clear that his son was even prouder.

During a video call with his wife and two children, the five-time olympic curler choked up while revealing that his teammates had chosen him to be the flag bearer during the upcoming olympic opening ceremony. And it’s clear that his family matched his enthusiasm from their adorable reactions.

One of his sons, Luke, was still brimming with pride the next day when he decided to let his class in on his dad’s upcoming historic role. Luke gathered his third grade classmates around while pretending to be his dad as he held the class’s flag during a mock ceremony.

In a moment of cuteness overload he said, “The announcement is that my dad was picked to be the flag bearer of the United States,” while proudly waving the flag as his classmates gasped and clapped.

This marks the first time an American curler has carried the flag at the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony and it’s an honor that Shuster — and Luke — don’t take lightly.