Johnny Depp Visits Children's Hospital Dressed As Captain Jack Sparrow

by Maria Guido
Originally Published: 

Did you need another reason to love Johnny Depp? Probably not, but here’s one anyway: the actor visited an Australian children’s hospital last night dressed in full Captain Jack Sparrow costume and spent over three hours hanging out with kids and their families.

He and Pirates of the Caribbean co-star Stephen Graham (Scrum) flew in for a visit on a helicopter that landed on the hospital’s roof and surprised the patients. One patient named Ula said she knew she had a surprise coming, but had no idea what it was. Juiced TV was there filming, and asked, “Why do you think they chose you?” She answered, “I don’t know. I guess because I’ve fought cancer twice and kind of deserve something special. But I think everyone deserves something special.”

Ula rounds a corner in the hospital and is surprised by Depp in full character. She takes him on a tour of the hospital. Depp whispers to her, “I’ve heard you’ve had an incredible amount of troubles, you,” before he surprises more children.

The focus today is on what an incredible person Depp is for doing such a thing. But it must be such a rewarding and amazing gift to know that your presence alone can lift people up. Especially sick kids. Juice TV filmed the encounter and it will give you some warm fuzzies. Depp doesn’t break character through the entire thing.

Well done, Captain Jack.

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