North West Lives Every 5-Year-Old's Dream When JoJo Siwa Comes To Babysit

by Valerie Williams
Image via YouTube/JoJo Siwa

North West got to hang out at JoJo Siwa’s house, so your kids are about to be massively jealous

Even the children of celebrities aren’t immune to being wowed by other celebs, and North West, daughter of Kim and Kanye, is no exception. Like most five-year-olds, she loses her ever-loving mind for dancer/YouTube star JoJo Siwa. Unlike most five-year-olds, her parents have the ability to lure the famous teen with a lucrative babysitting gig, so North got to live out the dream of every kindergarten girl everywhere when Siwa spent the day “babysitting” her at her extremely colorful home.

Siwa had been teasing the video for days on social media, and it finally dropped. The pair spent a very squeal-filled and adorable day together doing exactly what you might expect a little girl to do with Siwa, queen of giant hair bows and all things girly. They made glittery slime, played hide and seek, and yes, did a bunch of dancing.

“JoJo Siwa BABYSITTING NORTH WEST!! I had so much fun Pretend babysitting Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s little girl North West!” Siwa’s excited caption reads. The oldest of Kim and Kayne’s three little ones got to hang with 15-year-old Siwa, and she came dressed for the occasion in an all-rainbow outfit featuring a glorious tutu.

North had a very full day which started out with meeting Siwa’s dog, sliding down the teen’s bed slide (as one does) and picking out her very own huge hair bows.

Image via YouTube/JoJo Siwa

Officially all JoJo’d up and ready to roll.

Image via YouTube/JoJo Siwa

North was an exceptional hide-and-seek player and Siwa adorably derped her own hiding, to the little girl’s complete delight. If Siwa weren’t a literal YouTube millionaire, I’d hire her to watch my kids in a heartbeat. She’s freaking delightful.

Image via YouTube/JoJo Siwa

Time for glitter slime, and I cannot emphasize enough how much this scene made me break out in hives imagining the cleanup but also, I’m not a teenage millionaire who probably has People to take care of that stuff for her. But glitter can still sit all the way down.

Image via YouTube/JoJo Siwa

Like, this is 1000 percent the perfect activity for the babysitter to do at her house.

Image via YouTube/JoJo Siwa

Then came the dance party and it was every bit as epic as you’d imagine. North even impressed her idol by doing a split.

Image via YouTube/JoJo Siwa

The fun wrapped with a quick peek at the “Dreamer Mobile,” a white BMW convertible done up in rainbow colors and a picture of Siwa’s face. Yes, she’s not old enough to drive yet, but she still owns a car nicer than any car you’ll ever drive. They also made a pitstop at the dancer’s claw machine where North got to pick out a toy without even playing the game. But that wasn’t the only fun surprise in store.

When Kim came to pick North up, Siwa gifted the little girl tickets to one of her concerts and told her to bring a friend. Something tells me North was probably thinking, “OK but I just spent an entire day in your magical house, can I just do that again?” but no, that’s just my bitter adult brain. North was appropriately excited and very grateful to JoJo for her generosity.

Siwa clearly enjoyed herself too based on her Instagramming after her day with the famous tot. “Seriously North is SO adorable and awesome, and Kim is one of the SWEETEST people ever!” she gushed.

Just putting this out there — JoJo, I have fun snacks and a great cable package. Please come to my house and occupy my kids but for the love of all that’s holy — leave the bowls of glitter at home.