World Traveler Creates Adorable Instagram Account To Let His Mom Know He’s Okay

by Ashley Austrew
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This guy created an entire Instagram account to let his worried mom know he’s alright

When your kids get older, you hope they’ll call and check in with you once in a while to let you know how they’re doing. But this guy is taking check-ins to a whole new level: he created an entire Instagram account to let his mom know he’s safe while he travels the world.

Jonathan Quiñonez is a 27-year-old former model and consultant from Belgium. He’s also the sweet son behind the “Mom, I’m Fine” Instagram account. According to The LADBible, he decided one day to quit his job, sell his car, and travel the world. His first stop was Cuba, but he soon discovered a tiny hitch in his plans — he didn’t have a way to get in touch with his mom.

“With the time difference, the Communist party blocking the internet and the prices of phone calls, it was difficult to communicate with my friends and family,” he told The LADBible. “Mums are always worried. Especially mine. It was complicated to be in contact with her so I decided to give a positive message and show her that the world is a beautiful place and that I am fine.”

And just like that, his Instagram was born.

Every few days, Quiñonez updates the account from wherever he is with a photo of himself holding a sign that says, “Mom, I’m fine.” So far, there are 25 photos on the account, each in an enviable, exotic location.

Sometimes he gets locals in on the action.

He even remembers to check in from thousands of feet in the air and down on the ocean floor.

The photos are lighthearted, but I’m willing to bet his mom appreciates the effort — and, seriously, what a unique and sweet way to share your adventures with the people you love.

When I was younger, I traveled a lot and even lived in South Korea for a short time. I didn’t understand then how scary it must have been for my parents to let me do my own thing, but as a parent now, I totally get it. It’s scary to let your kids go off on their own, and no matter how old they get, you never stop worrying about them.

We can’t always be there to hold our kids’ hands, but thankfully we have social media now, so we can still be in on at least some of the action. Hopefully Quiñonez’s mom gets many more positive updates to come. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go cry while I think about my babies getting older and eventually traveling the world without me.

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