'Get Out' Director Releases Trailer For New Horror Film And Holy Sh*t It's Terrifying

by Cassandra Stone
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Jordan Peele, the director of last year’s hit ‘Get Out,’ latest horror movie looks scary AF

Jordan Peele’s debut movie, Get Out, had everyone talking last year — and rightly so. It captured several themes on racism in present-day America and it was a tense, scary AF horror movie that has a near-perfect Rotten Tomatoes rating.

Naturally, everyone has been curious about Peele’s follow-up to his first hit, titled Us. And the movie’s trailer — just released yesterday — looks absolutely terrifying.

A few of the cast members for Us are Lupita Nyong’o, Winston Duke, and Elisabeth Moss. Gone is The Sunken Place. Us features The Tethered. Meet the Wilson family, on a vacation from hell.

It’s clear the joyful family car ride en route to their destination is a set-up for scary things to come. Like the bone-chilling arrival of shadowy figures that happen to look identical to each member of the Wilson family.

The young son of the Wilson family seemingly wanders off while the family is relaxing on the beach, and this sets the tone for what’s yet to unfold. You just know that kid isn’t gonna be right after running into a weird, bloody, trench-coated man on the beach.

Is the child cursed? Is the man real? WTF IS HAPPENING. Next, we see the Wilson family getting ready for bed, which times up with the descent of the shadowy figures in their driveway.

“If you wanna get crazy, we can get crazy.” I hate to tell you this, Mr. Wilson, but shit is very much in the arena of crazy right now and your baseball bat probably isn’t gonna cut it.

At this point, the trailer enters “holy shit I’m gonna pee my pants” territory. The figures are dressed in red, and they’re literal doppelgängers of the Wilson family — except they’re almost like The Upside Down version? Or perhaps they represent the worst parts of themselves, cultivated in fully-formed human beings capable of unspeakable horror?

Either way, this movie looks absolutely terrifying in every way. Blood? Check. Tons of white lab bunnies? Check. Facial disfigurement that undoubtedly embodies an artistic representation that probably has more than one deep meaning but our brains are too scared to function in order to actually dissect? CHECK.


Peele tells Entertainment Weekly that his goal for Us was to show that “we’re our own worst enemy.” The Tethered are basically that concept, personified. “I wanted to forge this new mythology that explored our duality and the duality of the characters.”

He also wanted to make sure his next horror film, unlike Get Out, entirely centered around a black family. “I can’t think of a horror movie of this nature with a family in the center of it that uses a black family,” he says. “So I knew just by putting an African-American family in the lead role, already we would be exploring cinematic uncharted territory.”

Us hits theaters March 15, 2019. We’ll be biting our nails until then.

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