Watch This Dad Drive His Kids Nuts By Making PB&Js Based On Their Instructions

by Valerie Williams
Image via YouTube

A ton of peanut butter was wasted in the making of this video

No one can frustrate and tease kids like a dad, and this funny video proves it. Watch one father go to great lengths to irritate his children and also, teach them a lesson. Because no one can tell cheesy jokes and impart wisdom quite like a dad.

Josh Gaines is a Vine and YouTube star known online as Josh Darnit. His videos are full of hilarious family hijinks, and his “Exact Instructions Challenge” is no exception. In it, the father of three tries to follow instructions his two younger kids wrote on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t go well.

He challenges Johnna and Evan to write down instructions for assembling a PB&J saying he will follow them exactly. Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong.

He starts off with little Evan’s peanut butter sandwich steps and immediately hits a snafu. His instructions say to “take one piece of bread and spread it around with the butter knife.” So that’s what Gaines does, literally, much to Evan’s frustration. The annoyed kiddo yells, “No, dad! With the peanut butter,” and is quickly reminded that’s not actually what he wrote.

See where this is going?

After a few more screw-ups, the end result of Evan’s first try is Gaines eating two slices of plain bread stacked on top of each other. This attempt was declared a big, fat fail.

Johnna’s turn! Right away, it appears she’s learned from her brother’s mistakes, as her instructions are far more specific. The first butting of heads between dad and daughter comes when the two argue over the meaning of “a bit” as it relates to the amount of peanut butter to use. Johnna says “in her world,” a bit means “a lot.” Dad disagrees.

Then, graphics of Johnna stabbing her dad in the head with a cartoon knife appear. Can anyone blame her?

After several more attempts, it’s clear that his kids are starting to see what their dad’s getting at. They keep trying to hone their skills, he keeps showing them details they overlooked that resulted in a shitty sandwich.

Finally, poor Evan breaks down.

“He ruined it on purpose, he KNOWS how to make one,” he cries. Johnna tries calming him saying that’s part of the joke, but he continues to pout and eventually gives up, eating the final sandwich his instructions resulted in.

With Evan out of the game, Johnna gives it one final shot, with her last set of steps making a somewhat edible sandwich. Gaines asks if it went how she expected and she says, “Yes, I expected to win.”

‘Atta girl.

In the end, Gaines’ lesson is a fantastic (if frustrating) one. He’s using a silly game to teach the importance of writing and speaking clearly, omitting no details, so no one can misinterpret their intentions. It’s not an easy concept to teach, but his innovative method seems to have driven the point home, or at least, changed the way his kids think.

Kudos to this funny dad for annoying his kids in such entertaining fashion while also making them think. Dad Level: expert.

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