Men Of The Internet Are Actually Complaining About Judge’s Treatment Of Larry Nassar

by Cassandra Stone
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This Twitter response is the only response to Judge Aquilina’s sentencing that matters

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina didn’t waste energy offering former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar a single smidge of sympathy while sentencing him yesterday. Because he was accused of abusing more than 150 women and girls throughout the span of his career as a team doctor, and deserved exactly what he got: up to 175 years in prison.

There’s one specific moment from the sentencing that’s garnering a lot of talk, however.

Aquilina read aloud parts of a letter Nassar wrote, where he tried to say he was a “good doctor” and that he was “manipulated” into admitting he’d sexually molested his patients. Judge Aquilina’s bullshit meter didn’t permit her to continue, so she ceased reading it immediately and literally tossed it aside like a piece of trash.

Judge Aquilina doesn’t have time for this shit, and neither do we.

Unfortunately, some people (cough: men) took to Twitter to grumble about Aquilina’s strong words. For example, Alexandra Petri shared the following brilliant tweet:

Which then acted as a sort of signal for mansplainers everywhere to come forth for no other reason than to further prove Petri right.

LOL except the evidence is in. The vile piece of garbage pled guilty.

Commence eyerolling for all eternity.

Look, this judge is a woman who just endured a week of heart-wrenching and traumatizing testimony from Nassar’s victims, and her words and actions at the sentencing reflected as such. This is where we dive head-first into the double standard that corrupts our justice system, and why anyone condemning Aquilina’s reaction can have several seats. The jury’s job is to remain impartial; Judge Aquilina’s job was to impose a just sentence — and many people of Twitter feel she did just that.

Some compared the visceral reaction to her sentencing to the visceral reaction Hillary received from men anytime she did just about anything.


Can we all please remember that Nassar himself pled guilty? And not just for the chance at a plea deal, or a lighter sentence — because let’s also not forget he tried to make excuses for his abuse in his letter.

Judge Aquilina showed contempt for a man who admitted who, by his own admission, broke the law and abused over a hundred girls and women. There should be no complaints or arguments about that.

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