Viral Twitter Thread Nails The Absurdity Of White Supremacists Protesting Anything

Viral Twitter Thread Nails The Absurdity Of White Supremacists Protesting Anything

August 13, 2017 Updated June 28, 2019


Twitter thread illuminates absurdity of alt-right movement

On Saturday, the country was horrified to watch the violence at a repugnant alt-right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. After a rally, a white supremacist intentionally drove into a group of counter-protesters, killing one woman and injuring dozens of others.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, the internet was ablaze with opinions. One Twitter thread put the white nationalist protest in perspective.

In a savage series of tweets, Twitter user Julius Goat laid out exactly why whatever the white nationalists/white supremacists/neo-Nazis are complaining about is such absolute nonsense. Mr. Goat (not his real name?) delivered his message so beautifully it hardly needs any additional commentary.

[tweet 896326534415491073 hide_thread=’true’]

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It took Julius Goat 21 tweets to thoroughly dismantle the absurdity of the white nationalists’ idea that they are the aggrieved party in this country. That they have something to protest. That they are victims.

Unfortunately, based on yesterday’s violence, there are likely to be many more actual victims of their repugnant ideology before they read, or recognize, the reality behind that message.