Justin Theroux Is Having Romantic Dinners With His Dog While Quarantined

by Christina Marfice
Justin Theroux and his dog share a meal
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Quarantine goals: Justin Theroux’s adorable dog, Kuma

Much of the world is under lockdown and quarantine orders right now, and staying home for such a long time, especially if you live alone, can be really tough. For Justin Theroux, though, it’s clearly just been quality time he can spend with his beloved rescue dog, Kuma.

We already know how much Theroux loves Kuma. He took his dog as his date to the premiere of Lady and the Tramp, and documented the entire big night out on Instagram for his dog-loving fans to squeal over. And now, each day, Theroux is taking to his Instagram stories to show off his date nights and fancy dinners that he prepares for himself and Kuma to enjoy together. I mean, stop it. This is the content we all need right now.

Each night, Theroux makes a smaller, dog-friendly version of whatever he’s making himself for dinner. He plates it like his house is a Michelin-starred restaurant, and then invites Kuma up to her own chair at the dining table to dig in. Does anyone love anyone as much as Justin Theroux loves his dog? I think not.

Take last night’s menu, for example, which is still viewable on Theroux’s stories for a few hours.

Because Theroux has apparently caught on to how many people are watching these stories, and because he’s an A+ person, he used the platform not only to show off the dinner he made for himself and Kuma, but also to raise money for Bowery Mission, a shelter for homeless people in New York City.

Theroux presented Kuma with the night’s menu: Vegetarian In-N-Out burgers (with pickles!) and spicy Japanese sweet potato fries (though we imagine he laid off on the seasoning for Kuma’s plate).

He also shared a shot of the entire dinner spread for both of them, and if you’re wondering if Theroux and Kuma have their quarantine dinner date nights by candlelight, the answer is of course they do.

Theroux shared videos of Kuma chowing down on her dinner, and then of her wagging tail, which we assume means she approves of the meal, the service, and especially the company.

We’re kind of jealous TBH.

If you want to see more fancy dinner dates featuring Theroux and Kuma, all you need to do is follow him on Instagram and make sure to check for new stories every 24 hours. This is the kind of quarantine content we all need, and bless Justin Theroux for providing it.