This 88-Year-Old Superfan Stealing A Kiss From Justin Timberlake Will Make Your Day

by Thea Glassman
Image via Mark Nguyen and Johnny Wright / Angela Berkebile with Wright Entertainment Group

Justin Timberlake went all out for his 88-year-old fan

Any interest in having your heart truly warmed today? Well, Justin Timberlake arranged a meeting with his 88-year-old superfan Bette Maloney (aka Nammie) and their interaction was pure, pure gold. Nammie even went in for a cheeky little kiss, and yes there’s video footage of the whole thing.

First things first, a little about Nammie. In March, her granddaughter got her a ticket to see Justin Timberlake perform live in concert and she was beyond giddy.

A video of her reaction quickly went viral and made its way to the Timberlake camp. Naturally, the singer wanted to meet his biggest fan and set up a hang out before his show. What followed was the fangirling experience of a lifetime. Nammie gave Timberlake a handmade t-shirt for his son and snagged a little kiss with the singer.

“Do you think Jessica [Biel] would mind if I kissed you on your cheek?” she asked. Timberlake quickly assured her that his wife “wouldn’t mind” at all. “You won’t tell her?” Nammie asked again, before leaning for a smooch. Well done, Nammie. Well done.

The two posed for pictures, and we are literally all Nammie in that second snapshot, gazing lovingly at the pure charm, wonder, and handsomeness that is JT.

But that wasn’t all. Later, Timberlake gave a shout-out to Nammie in the middle of his performance, saying: “There was a pretty little lady that ended up on the news here by the name of Nammie. She is 88 years old. I met her earlier tonight. Wherever you are in the audience tonight, there she is, I love you.”

*Sigh.* I felt that one from thousands of miles away.

Here’s hoping Nammie had the night of her life. The bar has officially been set for JT’s biggest superfan and nobody’s going to take that crown anytime soon.