Jessica Biel Napping On The Way To Justin Timberlake's Birthday Party Is Mom AF

by Cassandra Stone
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We will never get sick of seeing Jessica Biel being real as heck when it comes to motherhood

All hail Jessica Biel, who is as beautiful and talented as they come, married to an international pop star, mother to an adorable toddler son, and is also…tired AF. Justin Timberlake filmed his beloved wife while the glamorous duo were en route to his birthday celebrations. This is a must-watch video for any parent who has ever been exhausted (hi, yes, that’s all of us).

When you’re a parent of a small child, you will find sleep and welcome it in any way it comes. For Biel, that was in the car before her big “night out” with her husband even began. “Gotta work tomorrow for my bday so wifey really going all out tonight,” Timberlake captions the hilarious video.

OMG we don’t know what’s funnier — his mouthing, barely-a-whisper birthday song, or the slow pan over to Biel, who is sleeping with her head tilted back and, possibly, her mouth open. My GOD it’s great.

It’s literally all of us anytime we get a night away from our little ones, too. Personally, I don’t know when a “date night” lasts beyond 9 p.m., because ZzzZZzzz.

This isn’t the first time we can heavily relate to Jessica Biel’s #MomLife vibe. Biel is a huge fan of eating in the shower. Which sounds kinda weird, and maybe a little gross to the non-parents out there. It’s no shower beer, but it’s necessary for survival sometimes. Shower eating is an escape. As moms, it’s our only chance to eat in peace.

Yep, yep we do.

We’re just really digging what Biel is throwing down, if we’re being honest. It’s always fun to see celebrity parents being completely relatable and not perfectly poised.

Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B:

Last year, Timberlake and Biel opened up about the emergency C-section that brought their son, Silas, 3, into the world: “When all our plans fell apart and the serene, natural childbirth we had envisioned ended with a transfer to the hospital and an emergency C-section, we arrived home exhausted, disillusioned, and totally in shock.”

So many parents can relate to having their carefully laid birth plans go to complete shit at the last minute. It’s terrifying, disappointing, and completely rattling. Hearing parents with a public platform be so candid and open about it is helpful to so many other parents out there who might be feeling alone and isolated in their own experience.

Don’t worry, though, Biel made up for her little snooze by posting an exceptionally sweet birthday message to Timberlake on Instagram.

“Since the days of embarrassing pink ruffled bikinis and underwater photo shoots, you have been infusing my life with so much joy and laughter that I blame YOU for my smile lines,” she writes. “But I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I wear them with pride knowing that I am the luckiest human around to have the honor of hearing your jokes, your words, your voice, every day of my life.

Happy birthday to the man of my blue ocean dreams. I love you.”

BRB, sobbing forever.

Here’s hoping that little car nap energized her enough to take advantage of a night out with her “hot dad” husband this year.

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