Justin Timberlake's Love Letter To Jessica Biel Is Swoon-Worthy

by Megan Zander

Justin Timberlake writes touching tribute to Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake is more than everyone’s favorite former boy band member; he’s a talented actor, political activist, and loving dad and husband. He may be a megastar, but that doesn’t stop him from sharing his thoughts on life as a family man. He’s brutally honest about parenting, both the fears that come with having a baby and the chaos that comes with changing diapers.

He’s also very open with the fact that he’s head over heels in love with his wife, Jessica Biel. His latest ode to her is so sweet, we’re not even that jealous.

Not only is Timberlake thoughtful enough to post a gorgeous photo of Biel with their son Silas, he has no problem pouring his heart out for the entire world to read. “I marvel at you,” he writes. “It’s so hard to put into words EVERYTHING a Mother does. And, you do it with such grace. Thank you for giving me the greatest gift and continuing to show him what it means to be a good person in the world.”

As if that wasn’t swoonworthy enough, Timberlake says that seeing his wife’s relationship with his son makes him value his own mother even more. “You make me realize how much my own Mother has done for me. #HappyMothersDay to you, my love. And, to my wonderful Mother and all the Moms all over the world: Y’all really DO RUN THIS… I bow down to you. –JT”

This particular ode happened to be posted on Mother’s Day, but this isn’t the first time Timberlake has gone all in on letting the world know just how awesome his wife is. If he didn’t already have a million jobs, he could make a fortune writing greeting cards.

Men of the word take note. Flowers, candy and gifts are all great ways to show us you care, but nothing is more touching (or sexier) than speaking from the heart.