The White House Releases Official Kamala Harris Portrait And It's Stunning

by Kristine Cannon
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Scary Mommy and Al Drago/Getty

The perfect portrait was captured by Lawrence Jackson, chief photographer for the vice president

On Friday, the White House released the official portraits for both President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, and believe us when we say Harris’ portrait is downright stunning. And we have Lawrence Jackson, chief photographer for the vice president, to thank for it.

“Honored to share my official portrait and to serve as your Vice President,” Harris tweeted yesterday afternoon — a tweet that has since amassed nearly 200K likes and more than 11K retweets. In the portrait, Harris is seen wearing her signature pearls paired with a navy blazer.

“Believe me when I say this…’sometimes I just push the button,'” Jackson wrote on Instagram of radiant portrait taken on March 4. previously served as a staff photographer for the Biden-Harris campaign and the Obama administration.

“You are looking at the official portrait of Vice President Harris. This (and one of @potus) will be adorning government buildings and embassies across the globe,” Jackson continued.

Biden’s portrait, on the other hand, was captured by Adam Schultz, who wrote on Twitter that he took the photo the day before on March 3 in the library room of the White House.

Since the portraits were shared, people took to Twitter to share just how much they loved them.

According to The Hill, both portraits will hang in federal buildings across the country.

Previously, Harris was featured in a powerful art exhibit in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Presented by the National Women’s History Museum and Chief, the dramatic glass portrait not only celebrated Harris as America’s first woman Vice President, but it also honored Harris’ shattering of this monumental “glass ceiling.”

Shannon Finney/Getty Images for National Women’s History Museum & Chief

“Representation matters, especially at the ballot box, and the inauguration of Kamala Harris as the first woman, and first woman of color, to serve as vice president of the United States is a landmark moment in American history,” Holly Hotchner, President and CEO of the National Women’s History Museum, said in a prepared statement.

The installation, created by artist Simon Berger, was on display for just two days.

“Today’s progress is built on the legacy of the women who came before — the trailblazers, like Kamala, who raised their voices, marched for their rights, and ran for elected office; the women who cracked glass ceilings so that other women could shatter them,” Hotchner said. “It is a true honor to join BBH and Chief as partners in this remarkable installation honoring this critical turning point in the fight for representation, Vice President Harris, and the numerous women throughout history who demanded a seat at the table.”