Grandma Who Slammed Kanye's Shoes Should Be A Professional Fashion Blogger

by Valerie Williams
Image via YouTube

This grandma who reviewed a pair of Yeezys deserves a front-row seat at every fashion show.

Keeping up with fashion trends is hard and while the rest of us attempt to play along, Grandma is out of fucks to give and spits straight truth. Who cares if Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost 350s are a shoe people actually wait in line to purchase? Not grandma, that’s for sure. She’s having none of this shit.

In this hilarious video, the world’s most adorable grandma explains exactly what’s wrong with a pair of Yeezys gifted to her and we have to say — her observations are pretty spot-on.

Clad in a gem-stone covered purple t-shirt with snazzy glasses hanging around her neck, Grandma opens the box and immediately has questions. “Why did he call it Yeezy? Must be maybe his mother’s name is Yolanda or his brother’s name is Edward.” She examines the shoes with a look of abject horror declaring them “clumsy and stupid-looking,” pointing out their lack of tongue and telling the gift giver that “the color is crappy!”

Her critique of the design was one thing but she also took issue with their ludicrous price. Upon spotting the receipt tucked into the box she gasps exclaiming, “Holy Jesus!” And she would be right. A pair of these shoes retails for a staggering $200.

The best part of all is when she decries the cheap, cardboard box they came in saying that a pair of shoes priced that high should come in “a beautiful box with velvet.” Indeed, grandma. Fancy that shit up, Kanye.

She ends the video begging the gift giver to return the shoes and bemoaning the state of the current generation that anyone is willing wait in line for “a pair of shoes like this.” Grandma isn’t a total hater, though. She makes a point of saying she loves Kanye’s rap, but that she didn’t know he designed shoes. And obviously, doesn’t think he should be.

This video is hilarious and hopefully, anyone watching it isn’t mocking her for her taste. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and sometimes with age, comes wisdom. Maybe Grandma is on to something here and the current generation of young people should listen up and save their $200 for something better. Something that comes in a velvet box, thank you very much.

Every generation will have moments like this where they see trends and clothing so far off from what was popular when they were young that they can’t fathom why anyone likes them. I must admit — I’m getting to the age where Yeezys seem a little ugly to cost as much as they do, but I still like a lot of modern clothing and shoes. I shudder to think what will be fashionable when I’m the same age as Grandma, staring in disbelief at the hideous hover-shoes my grand-kids are wearing. It’s inevitable for us all and hopefully, we’ll be as sharp and sassy as her in tearing those trends apart.

H/T The Daily Dot