It's 2020 So Of Course A 'Karen' Halloween Mask Exists

by Julie Scagell
Karen mask on Etsy

Managers, get ready: A ‘Karen’ Halloween costume is coming for you

Yes, we know all Karens aren’t like this; and, yes, we know it’s an unfortunate moment if your name happens to be Karen. But someone created a “Karen” Halloween mask, and it’s getting quite a bit of attention.

Los Angeles artist Jason Adcock created a very on-brand 2020 look with a new Halloween mask that’s sure to turn some manager’s heads this October. The full-head latex mask comes with an appropriately short, blonde bob hairstyle and eyelashes. All you need is a cell phone, some misplaced outrage, and a kid in a stroller and this outfit is complete.

The term “Karen” has been used for years but gained quite a bit of attention in 2020 to describe an entitled white woman who is over-the-top offended and uses her privilege to demand whatever wrong be righted. Immediately.

Adcock shared his creation on his Instagram page and Etsy shop Kamoras Costumes with the sentiment, “The scariest thing you can be on Halloween!!!!” The mask has “vision slits above the eyes and and additional vents in mouth nose and ears,” so you can see and hear All Of The Things that make your blood boil. Just have your mobile phone ready with 9-1-1 punched in so you’re ready.


According to Adcock, the mask is one size fits most, but if it’s too big, he suggests just gluing a bit of sponge to the inside top and you should be good to go. He obviously took his time creating the look, which includes red, angry eyes, gnashed teeth, and a mouth propped open ready to yell about masks, #AllLivesMatter, or a Black person sitting on their own front porch reading a book.

“It’s never to early to shop for #Halloween #costumes,” Adcock wrote on Etsy. “2020 is the year of the KAREN! Scare all ur friends with ur big hair and narrow mind.”

Karen is just the latest name to get a not-so-glamourous makeover. Names such as Kyle, Becky, Debbie, and Chad have been similarly dragged in the past. Adcock just happened to hit the nail on the head recreating the perfect “Karen” for Halloween this year.

The mask isn’t cheap, though. It’ll set you back $180 plus shipping, so you need to be especially committed to the job. Given the amount of shit that’s happened this year, it’s an extremely on-brand costume for those who have a bone to pick with everything and everyone and just need some goddamn Halloween candy to make it all better.