Kat Von D's Garden Will Make Your Black Heart So Happy

Kat Von D’s Garden Will Make Your Black Heart So Happy

Image via Kat Von D/Instagram

Kat Von D’s garden has black flowers only — and it’s gorgeous

Kat Von D. is known for many things: her tattoos, her tireless work defending animals, and her bold make-up line to name a few. You can add “killer green thumb” to her list of talents, because if you’ve been paying attention to her Instagram feed lately, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of the most magical backyard garden, ever.

Von D actually calls it a “black thumb” — and when you see her garden you’ll get why. Her entire garden is filled with black flowers and foliage — and it’s strikingly beautiful.

Here’s a black sunflower, ready to bloom.

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Look who's come out to say hi this morning! From my black garden: Black Dhalia 🖤 Just read the neatest article about this specific flower and it's meaning. As many of you might already know, flowers have been associated w meaning for ages [aka pink roses represent admiration, white rose = sincerity, purity and yellow rose = friendship]. In the Victorian era, Black Dahlias [unlike most mourning flowers] represented a good wish for a couple + commitment. 🖤 *side note: the Dahlia is also the national flower of Mexico, and was actually given its name by the director of the Royal Gardens of Madrid in honor of his fellow botanist: Andrew Dahl. 🖤 #gothgardening #blackflower

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A black Dhalia, which Von D notes represents “a good wish for a couple and commitment.”

Black lilies!

Black vine to accentuate your #gothgarden.

Here she is standing by her giant black sunflowers, when they were still waiting to bloom.

And here is one in all its glory.

Bet you never knew you wanted a goth garden until now.