Kate Hudson Trying To Do Yoga With Her Toddler On Her Is All Of Us

by Valerie Williams
Kate Hudson Trying To Do Yoga With Her Toddler On Her Is All Of Us
Kate Hudson/Instagram

Kate Hudson’s new yoga video proves moms can’t do anything without a kid up their a**

Hi moms. We’re about half a year deep into a pandemic that for most parents, has meant LOTS of face time with their kids. All day, every day, 24/7 hangout time with the littles, which is great, but also kind of draining. Ok, very draining. Everything we do is done with a little buddy by our side, including exercise. Mom-of-three Kate Hudson’s latest Instagram video captures perfectly the kind of together time most quarantined moms have been experiencing and it’s hilariously relatable.

“Morning yoga with my little monkey,” Hudson captions the adorable video that demonstrates that special pandemic togetherness in a very real way.

Yup. That’s adorable 22-month-old Rani Rose clinging to her mom’s legs for dear life while she rises in and out of her yoga pose. You’ve gotta hand it to the little tyke for hanging on that tightly through it all. You also have to hand it to Hudson, who handles her bit of extra yoga resistance in the form of a small human body with grace and giggles. She’s a mom. What else can she do besides roll with it?

“Do you wanna help mommy do the next pose?” Hudson asked. “Yeah!” Rani replied cheerily. “Help” is really a strong word here as Rani is still crawling all over her momma, but she does make a brief effort at holding an ankle so Hudson can stretch.

It looks like Mommy and Rani are hanging out a lot throughout quarantine. Another recent post features Rani making a cameo on a Zoom call Hudson was participating in. She’s ridiculously cute as far as pandemic sidekicks go and I’d like to invite her to make appearances in all my future Zooms.

Hudson also recently shared a sweet snap of all of her kids after she got them to “look…ish” at the same time. Relatable.


This latest workout vid is really just the realest of the real. It’s so sweet how much our kiddos want to be with us, but also, can they just back off for a hot second so we can downward dog without a toddler literally up our butts? Sigh. Major props to Hudson for laughing it off and letting Rani seeing firsthand that her mom is taking care of herself while giving us a giggle in the process.