The Duchess Just Strolled Out Of The Hospital Like Giving Birth Is NBD Again

The Duchess Just Strolled Out Of The Hospital Like Giving Birth Is NBD Again

The Duke & Duchess Of Cambridge Depart The Lindo Wing With Their New Son
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Kate Middleton just left the hospital with her new son — and she looks amazing

Once again, Duchess Kate has left the Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s Hospital in London with an hours-old baby in tow somehow looking like she’s just spent a day at the spa instead of pushing out said baby. She gave birth today at 11:01 am UK time and strode out of the hospital in a stunning red dress with perfectly blown-out hair by dinnertime. I’m floored, in awe, and also, full of sympathy.

Because moms, the poor woman was wearing heels.

While probably feeling all kinds of post-birth pain and in a cloud of complete exhaustion, actual saint Kate Middleton stepped out of the hospital today cradling her new baby, a perfectly healthy 8lb 7oz tiny prince. I’m not going to mince words here, this video made me cry. Something about her wearing a red dress just like Prince William’s late mother Diana wore the day she left the hospital with her own little prince — William’s brother Harry — has me emotional.


The couple were greeted by approximately a bazillion camera clicks and flashes, but Kate didn’t miss a beat, gently snuggling her baby boy and smiling gamely even though all she likely wants to do is change out her post-birth mesh panty ice pack and sleep for the next 17 hours.

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I literally can’t stand how sweet this family is. Look at her face gazing at her little boy — UGH my ovaries.

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Please note the heels. My feet are clenching in agony imagining how THAT feels hours after giving birth.

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I like to imagine that the Duchess is now laying out her demands for pad Thai to be ready for her arrival at home and maybe a bottle of wine chilling, but somehow I doubt it. She’s a damn unicorn princess from heaven — HER FEET AREN’T EVEN SWOLLEN.

Image via Karwai Tang/WireImage

The Palace posted this sweet image of the couple and their son with the caption, “Welcome to the family,” and oh cool, I’m crying again.

They’re now home for their first night with three kids and please, please, someone get this woman a robe and slippers.

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