Kate Middleton And Prince William Announce The Royal Baby Name

by Maria Guido
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Kate and William announced their new arrival’s name today: Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.The baby will be known as Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. They are preparing the little princess for an audience with the Queen.

You could almost hear a collective “squee” across the land when it was revealed that Diana’s name would forever be with the little princess. And we could all take a lesson from the royals here — three names is the way to go. They managed to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth, William’s beloved mother Diana, and were also able to gift their daughter with some individuality by giving her the royal first name Charlotte- an homage to her grandfather, Prince Charles. Well done. And to think I named my first child after a mere suggestion from a drunk friend in a bar.

So, let’s recap: the Duchess goes into labor in the early morning hours of Saturday May 2. She reportedly labors for two and a half hours and births the 8lb 3oz baby without an epidural. She walks out of the hospital with her beautiful baby and husband less than twelve hours later, looking more amazing than she did pre-pregnancy. Then, two days later the most anticipated baby name in years is announced and Kate prepares for an audience with the Queen. No big whoop.

Say what you will about her stylists and nannies or whatever other kind of help everyone is mentioning she has — this woman is amazing. Every woman who’s given birth knows exactly what Kate wants to be doing now: sitting on a couch in a robe watching a Netflix marathon.

Royal or not.

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