Katherine Heigl's Birthday Tribute To Her Daughter Will Make You Want To Hug Your Mom

by Christina Marfice
Gregg DeGuire/Getty

Katherine Heigl took to Instagram to post a touching birthday tribute to her now 13-year-old daughter, and it’s sure to make you smile

There are a lot of times in a mom’s life when she looks at her kids and thinks, “How did you get so big? You’re practically an adult? Where does the time go?” That’s especially true right now for Katherine Heigl, whose oldest daughter just became a teenager. Heigl marked the occasion by taking to social media to write a heartwarming tribute to now-13-year-old Naleigh, and if you needed a smile today, you can look no further than this sweet post.

The carousel of photos described some of the most memorable moments in Naleigh’s life so far, starting with when she was an infant and Heigl adopted her from Seoul, South Korea.

“The first two photos are the first two photos @joshbkelley and I received of our beautiful baby daughter Nancy Leigh Mi-Eun as she waited in Seoul Korea to come home to us and we waited in LA to hold the baby we already loved,” Heigl wrote, admitting that she was crying as she looked back on the old photos and reminisced about her then-9-month-old being “all folds and rolls” and “chicken fluff hair.”

The next photos show Naleigh at 2 years old, “all gap toothed grins and endless giggles and girly sass,” as Heigl describes her.

“The memories drift in and out like the ebbing of the tide and I keep trying to chase them, grip them tight in my hands, hold them still so I can live it all just one more time,” Heigl wrote, adding that Naleigh is “the girl that made me a mother. The girl that gave my life purpose.”

She continued, “This girl turns 13 today. 13. She is officially a teenager. I can’t seem to process it. How did this happen?”

Of course, Heigl ended the birthday message on a sweet note, with many “I love you’s” to her sweet daughter.

“I love you with every fiber of being, every cell in my body, every wish in my heart,” she wrote.

Heigl and her husband, Josh Kelly, have one other daughter, whom they adopted domestically in 2012, and a son together. She’s always been pretty open about her decision and journey to adopt two of her children, telling Parents in March that she was inspired by her own older sister, Meg, who was adopted from South Korea.

“I just believed that love is love — it doesn’t matter what we look like,” she said at the time.

Happy birthday to Naleigh, and we hope she and her mom have a wonderful time celebrating.