This Fashion Blogger Recreates Celeb Outfits For Her Size 12ish Body

Image via Instagram/Katie Sturino

Katie Sturino is the size “12ish” fashion blogger of our dreams

Katie Sturino is a popular fashion blogger with an Instagram account you need to follow post-haste, if you aren’t already. It’s called the12ishstyle and it’s exactly as the handle suggests — fantastic outfits all for women around a size 12, mostly looks first seen on a celebrity that Sturino then recreates on her own size 12 body.

She has a series of photos called #SupersizeTheLook, and after you see what she can do, you’ll be obsessed. Right now, she’s doing tons of future royal Meghan Markle’s gorgeous outfits, only for a size 12. We are so here for this.

Here she is casually nailing one of Amal Clooney’s classic lewks.

Her outfit restylings often include body-positive messages and tons of reminders that “anyone can wear anything.” A mantra many of us need to repeat on the daily.

As a woman with huge boobs and an ass, I often fall victim to the negative self-talk of “I have no business wearing this outfit.” Sturino is beautifully proving that that idea is complete bullshit. She did Giselle better than Giselle, which gives me the confidence to try skinny jeans even though my quads are not exactly slim.

So often when I see paparazzi shots of celebs out in the world wearing casual clothing my first thought is “they look amazing” and my second is “UGH I wish I could wear that.” Sturino’s showing us how.

Size 2 ladies are lovely too, all bodies are, but you don’t need to be extremely slender to pull off looks like this — which is a reminder I could use frequently. Honestly, her whole account is making me feel sheepish that I’ve had it in my head this long that there are certain outfits I just shouldn’t even try.

Because look how stunning she is.


She’s just slaying looks left and right.

Sturino’s posts are about way more than finding cute outfits — though that’s a happy benefit I’ll gladly accept. It’s about wearing what you like, no matter your size or shape, and ignoring the ugly voices (both others and your own) telling you there’s certain clothing you don’t belong wearing.

Like Sturino says, “It’s not about who wore it better, it’s a reminder that anyone can wear anything.”

Cheers to that.