The ‘Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Them Asleep’ Stage Is No Joke

The 'Do Whatever It Takes To Keep Them Asleep' Stage Is No Joke

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At first, she was a cozy warm bundle on my chest. After an hour, my newborn felt more like a hot lump that had me captive in place, unable to move or god forbid lay her down in the crib. Yep, my darling baby owned me during the early days of sleep deprivation. That swaddled space heater on top of me was my master, and I’d do anything to make sure that she stayed asleep. I’d also do anything to keep her safe from harm — BPA, UVA, even my MIL — did not stand a chance against my protection. That’s why after I finally got some sleep, I got some term life insurance from Haven Life. It was easy, affordable, online, and best of all, something I could accomplish with one free arm. Now my little one has her safety net, and I’ve got my peace of mind.

Haven Life is a simple, online solution to buying term life insurance that puts what you truly value first: your loved ones and your time. They’re transforming a typically confusing process into one that’s easier, faster, and just plain better.

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